Cover it Live: The live thing in blogosphere

Blogging one’s opinion over any issue and generating a discussion has gone a step further with the advent of live blogging services. One such service is ‘cover it live’, which takes blogging to a new level with several features like online poll, live comment integration and video and audio uploading.

Blogs have come a long way since it’s inception. People write their opinion on various subjects, invite comments, generate debates and try to find solutions. However, the concept of going live and getting comments with every single sentence being transmitted over the air is something new.

Cover it live is a live blogging tool (downloadable from ) makes the normal person empowered with an ability to webcast oneself with the help of text, audio and video. The features range from being able to post text for any live event like a conference, meeting, sports event to any personal party etc.

Once the event starts, one can create and event and go live. Going live means one can start posting text, audio, video and images from the vent as and when it happens. The date and time are posted automatically. The blogger can create a poll related to the event, comment on other person’s views as and when they comment, integrate twitter feeds and share the event via mail.

The great advantage of this tool is that it is accessible over computer as well as mobile platform. A list of supported phones is available on its website. The text files are light on memory, so the uploading is almost in real-time (even on GPRS or EDGE networks). One can record audio clips on the go, take pictures right from the camera, record videos and post them instantly.

One can integrate this tool into one’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog page after obtaining a login ID from the site. The moment any event goes live, a window on the user’s screen pops up with live blog. The readers can follow the event without having to scroll.

A comprehensive information about the tool can be found on


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