Microsoft office 2010 goes online

In an attempt to strengthen it’s market share, Microsoft has finally moved to cloud version of it’s popular Office software. With rival like Google Docs in sight it seems a good decision to popularize it’s already popular Office suit that was limited to the desktops.

Microsoft has started an ‘online office’ suit which gives the users the ability to seamlessly upload, download, or edit a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files over the internet. Though the options of editing are limited with only simple editing with no macros etc., still it’s a relief to many of the users who need to carry files everytime and don’t want Google Docs.

Google Docs has a problem with privacy of data. It scans your files for key words and put it up for search, it’s own advertisements by taking key words etc. Microsoft promises to keep it private and display only it’s own ads like Windows7 or Office 2010.

Online office, as of now, works with some limits. Like, you should have the Office suit installed on your computer or mobile OS else it can’t edit the document online. Thats a big problem given the fact that Google has a word processor which works nice with general options of editing!

One can hope that more options of editing online without any need to install the Office suit on the system come soon. That will replace the flash drives, bulky computers(netbooks etc.) in the age of micro computers like cellphones which are fast enough for these works!

With the growing number of manufacturers showing interest in the mobile version of softwares as well as websites, it will just make sense to make the ‘office online’ available to phones with basic upload, download, cloud syncing, basic editing etc.

To avail the services one needs to have a windows live account like a hotmail, live, or MSN account. One can access ‘online office‘ from Microsoft and can sign up for free. Apart from online cloud based services, it also offers users with free websites for small business purposes. Lots of tutorials are available on the site. Even to know what’s there one should go and see it, because this is going to be the future very soon!


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