Super Sunday for Sports: Madrid Masters, Monaco and ICC WT20 finals

Roger-Rafa at it again

Dream clay court clash… A preview of the Rolland Garros 2010… Or clash of king and prince?

Whatever one calls it, it is going to be a great match ahead of the French Open 2010 which starts next sunday. Roger Federer looks in great touch at Madrid after his two clay court defeats earlier this season where he could not go past third round at two Masters1000 events at Rome and Monte Carlo.

He has been using drop shots to his advantage since last year only where he used it to claim his most awaited and sorely missed French Open. Federer is playing as calm as ever with silent aggression which is his trademark. Firing aces, slowing down the pace of the game, using breaks to his advantage… All the experience that he has makes him a strong contender of the title.

But the opponent is the youth, energy, run and opponent crusher Nadal who is on a dream run on clay this season defeating all who have come in the way. He has also avenged his Paris defeat in the hands of Robin Soderling which must have given him a lot of confidence.

So it’s down to the wire, a dream clay court final between two top ranked and best players of tennis. Whatever be the result and speculations, there is a great game awaiting us.

Monaco Grand Prix

It’s sixth pole position out of six outings for Red Bull’s Mark Webber! He is on a roll this year. Red Bull has attracted a lot of attention in F1 this year. Improved the car and their drivers have been giving consistent performance as yet.

Monaco is considered one of the trickiest tracks in F1 and so the race will be great as well. Michael Schumacher who has five wins here at Monaco will start at 7 on the grid and would be hoping to get his first podium finish after coming back from retirement.

Alonso will start at the last as he didn’t participate in the qualifying race. Other drivers of note will be Massa, Adrian Sutil, Lewis Hamilton and Jason Button, the last year Champion.

Hope we will see a great race in few hours from now!

ICC WT20 Finals

The best two teams of the tournament in finals are ready to produce a game that will be as good as both the semifinals. England comprehensively defeated an in-form Sri Lanka to reach the finals whereas Australia clinched victory from the defending champions Pakistan’s jaw!

Pakistan-Australia semifinal was one of the matches where none of the teams deserved to loose. What a match it was and how Michael Hussy scored all the runs in the last over with three sixes! Pakistan had no emotions to react!

However, both the finalists have been in great form in the tournament. Australia have won all the matches and thier last defeat came in the hands of New Zealand earlier this year. They have won five in a row and England have won four in a row, their hottest run in this format.

Players from both the teams are in great touch. Peterson is firing on all cylinders with three great knocks with bat and good contribution from the ball as well. Other team mates from 1-11 are all up to shed their ‘final loosing’ jinx. England has not been able to win any big ICC event in the recent era! Collingwood is upbeat and remarked that they will go all out to shed this ‘final duck!’

I hope they do, but the opponents are Aussies who have taken this format seriously after initially discarding it as something fun! They have good ballers, batsmen and committed fielders! What else you need to win games!

A great match in the evening, looking forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Super Sunday for Sports: Madrid Masters, Monaco and ICC WT20 finals

  1. yes indeed a great evening for sports lover..rafa paris defeat will only b avenged at paris..formula 1 ferrari will b team to watch..but u cant count schumaker out if he is fit, hope he add some spice to the the greatest treat is eng aussie final,australia seems superior but peterson is in his lyf form he will give aussies a tough time..a cracker of match ..evening to just relax and enjoy in front of youe t.v

    1. Yes dear!
      It will be an engaging evening. The race us about to start in seven minutes from now! Obviously Schumaker is the man who can come at any moment with the experience he has!

      And interesting will be the Roger-Rafa final… A tough match and classic encounter in offing. One is slow, other runs after anything; one moves on the baseline, other I charging near the net! So a classic match, match of opposites!

      And It is T20 one cannot predict what is going to happen! Australia almost lost the match but eventually Pakistan was on the loosing side:-)

    2. What an evening that was Chandan! England finally won their first Major Championship in Cricket, albeit in T20 and the opponents are favourite Australians. It must give them a lot of confidence.

      And then, Nadal made history by claiming an unprecidented hattrick of Masters1000 titles in one single clay season before going roaring into French Open. He defeated Federer who didn’t offer too much resistance and only had to say,”I am not Spanish but play a bit of clay tennis!” Hoping he defends his French Open title.

      And Red Bull drivers continue to astonish, a 1-2 finish yet again!

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