Nadal- the MAN he is!

Nadal created history by winning three masters titles in a row(in a single season), making it 18th masters title of his career; one ahead of Agassi and two of Federer, before the French Open 2010.

Defeating Federer in an almost easy way in straight sets to reclaim his number two status, Nadal showed how much prepared and gritty he is for the biggest clay title for the fifth time!

Nadal goes with his head high to the French Open after defeating his biggest rival, Roger Federer, comfortably, yet again. He leads federer 14-7 in his career clashes and 10-2 in last 12.

Whereas the class that Federer is, is to be seen. He is not a man to just sleep and regret I lost the match to the best on clay; rather he will make amends and bounce back and bounce strong enough to defend the title which he loves the most! Last year Federer was a winner at the Madrid and went on to claim his first Fench Open as well by defeating Robin Soderling who ousted Nadal in the fourth round.

Nadal is a treat to the eyes when he is swinging and breaking the players on court, a wave of the ocean which comes and goes, only to come again strong! Roger is the calm sea which is a beauty and soothing to eyes, relaxing and healing!

Both of them are prepared yet again for the best of their tennis. Sports lovers will have a great time to look them again play a French Open final where Nadal has always beaten Federer comfortably sans once.

In less than a week from now the Roland Garros will be live again (for live commentry click on the widget at the right). Best of the tennis players from around the world and may be the best of the matches in offing. It will be five-setters which are much more demanding, challanging and draining as it gives a chance to bounce back even after you have lost first two.

So watch out for some great tennis.


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