iPhone OS on Desktop and Laptop?

With more than 20 million iPhone and iPods already out and thriving, along with a million of iPads in the hands of consumers it’s a good proposition for Apple to move the iPhone OS to the desktop and laptops.

In the April 2010 quarter against the above data for iPhone OS only 3 million Mac OS X devices were sold. This speaks that people are showing much more interest in a device that is doing work on the move and is simpler to use.

Apple has stated and many jailbreakers have confirmed that iPhone OS is the same as OS X but is a bit closed platform for developers. The closed platform means that Apple commands what to include and what not to. This not only ensures quality control but also makes it exclusive device to own.

Though developers fume over this closed system yet the fact is Apple is a brand because it has a control over it’s software as well as hardware else it will be like any brand in the wild and loose loyalty of it’s customers.

Coming to the debate of whether Apple should focus on shifting the iPhone OS to the Mac line? To me and many other laptop/desktop users in general who are not into so much of production works other than surfing internet, doing office suits, watching movies, listening songs and at most doing some basic image, sound and movie editing, it will be a good idea to own a simpler machine with more power and less power consumption.

That means why have a machine with so many hardware or software which a normal average user never usage? Why not offer them with a big iPhone or say iPad with keyboard and mouse which does most of the above said things!

Latest data says that iPod sales have dipped by 17% over year by year sales pattern and at the same time iPad and iPhone has been soaring high. It is a net profit for Apple anyway. More people are buying iPhone or iPad against an iPod which only plays music and video (barring iPod Touch). The cost of iPhone or iPad is thrice or four times that of iPods.

It is to be seen that what Apple works out on this but people will love to pay less for less work they need to do with their Macs. Apple would not shut down the Mac line but at the same time it may consider to cater to a class of users who have less money(relatively) and do less demanding work(which an iPad with keyboard and mouse can do).

It will have to be somewhat more feature rich than the current iPad and less than the superfast and efficient iMacs and MacBook line. A better multitasking, good keyboard-mouse interactivity, some basic editing, documentation, accounting, surfing, multimedia(image, sound, movie editors) set of applications and that’s it. It can wll be another revolutionary success for Apple.

Who knows that can well be happening inside an Apple lab! A group of engineers and Mr. Jobs thinking the same as we are.


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