Death, be not proud: we have mercy petition

Afzal Guru and Azmal Kasab are the two persons who have the privilage of attacking the Indian state, getting a fair trial on Indian exchequer, getting food and shelter (albeit in jail), and yet be alive on this very soil even after getting death sentence.

Yesterday, after pressure from various sources, Delhi government moved the mercy petition filed by Tabassum, wife of Guru in 2006, to Lt. Governer Tezendra Khanna for action. However the file was sent back to home department immediately for some “urgent” clarifications.

Afzal is 22nd on the row of mercy petition and if noone cares to move his file, it may take a decade for all the formalities to be done and him getting death or mercy. However, as misunderstood by most of us, there is no queue system in mercy cases. Special cases can be moved up and fast for consideration.

Azmal Kasab, Pakistani terrorist who got death sentence two weeks ago is another case of mercy.

The question is, do we actually need mercy petitions for some of the above mentioned cases? Isn’t it a slap on the face of judiciary and people whose kins have been brutally murdered in numbers by a foreign or Indian terrorist, who has been certified by various courts for hanging and yet again we give them a chance. Why?

Is it to show we are humane? Is the judge giving the verdict, upholding the verdict of death is an emotionless robot? Isn’t it arguable that justices too keep the human angle in mind and deliver verdict?

Or is it to please a certain class of people in wake of eternal elections in this country, to appease the international community, even better to project a nice face to our beloved neighbour and give their citizens a chance to come again and bestow their venom on our soil!

Let’s device a law for these special cases and give them justice fast and dispence off these worms which are very painful to the wounds they have given!


2 thoughts on “Death, be not proud: we have mercy petition

  1. It is nice to see that you have been regularly writing on the issue which is important to nation. I appreciate your effort. However, as a reader and your follower I’ve liberty to analyze your writing critically and I am free to be vocal and aggressive.

    You are right in saying that the cases should be disposed of as early as possible and mercy petition acceptance or denial should not take longer time. I agree with you.

    However, I’ve slight different opinion when you say that this case is special and mercy petition system should be taken away from constitution or it should not be available in such cases like Afzal and Kasab one.

    Let me tell you “no case is special” in the eye of law. Every case is same and punishment for every case is decided on the basis of seriousness of crime done by a convict. Here in this case for all of us, it is biggest case of crime, and it is, I agree, no one in right sense will say no to this. Having said that,we need to understand, apart from our emotion, we have to follow our law and constitution. Constitution of India gives a convict all of these channels to defend them-self and a convict is free to opt for it.

    The question is why to give this channel or option to them ? Answer is not mere that it is in the constitution so they should be given. Real answer is we are a robust democracy, we do not live in banana republic. One more thing world is watching us and there is “Geneva Accords”.

    Afzal,s file is dancing here and there, simple reason, Kashmiri leaders do not want him to hang at all, they say it may cause BIG FIRE in valley. Farooq Abdullah is on record to say this. These politician are using all apparatus available to prolong it.

    Kasab case is yet to come to government and you are right in saying that there is no queue system. But it is also true every criminal is criminal, “no one is special, every case will be treated alike”… 2 days ago Home Minister categorically spelled it on CNN-IBN

    In villages, people says ” Heera chor and Kheera chor both are chor”. Any kind of thief is a thief..No one is special….

    I agree with you on most of the point you have raised however something need to be debated. This is what a democracy is all about……

    Greatest poet,IQBAL has once said…

    Ek hi saf ( line ) mein khade ho gaye Mahmood aur Ayaz.

    Na raha koi Banda aur Banda nawaz….

    1. Thanks for the comment and I must say a positive one. Agreed that “kheera chor or Heera Chor… Chor is chor!”, but technically speaking, as you yourself have observed, the politicians are prolonging it for elections or whatever motives then how come we are a robust democracy?

      Is being a robust democracy demands so much that we wait for a judgement to be translated an action for a good half 5-6 years? What about those people whose kind were killed? Don’t they die every moment when they read or hear or even remember the killer? What about the pride of a nation and the constitution whose parliament was attacked?

      Special cases are there and by not hanging them and keeping them alive on public money on the name of ‘high profile’ criminals the constitution is making fun of itself.

      When there is no system of queue, then why waste money on some Afzal and Kasab who has come attacked the most special place of a state, killed hundred people in one go…?

      Not making it special case itself has made it special that even after knowing the facts, you are abusing the blood that was shed by the police, the flowers on the graves of killed and the people whose relatives are standing near the grave to place the wreath….

      For me, the foreign policy and the Brand India Republic is a bulshit unless it takes strong actions and show the world that if you rape me I will slice off your genitals!

      See what America did when WTC was attacked, it didn’t attack one person or convicted it, it took a speedy trial at one hand and blasted the Taliban base at the other. Though I am not supporter of America but still America is a democracy and a robust one who is infuriated and takes action even if it’s one citizen is killed even if he was a thief!

      Which nation in it’s senses would condemn an act of hanging these two? No one will; but India is not waiting for condemnation rather is happy about the appreciation that look we have mercy petition which they can apply, we are not hanging!

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