Is Facebook Loosing Its Appeal?

Facebook is one of the top sites of social networking which gets millions of click per day and has a huge user base which spends hours surfing the site. However in recent months it has drawn criticism for the loopholes in privacy settings.

The site was updated recently in April to address to privacy issues and make it more secure but it has rather gone haywire. Suddenly lots of default settings were compromised and the user data, specially the profile information, was accessible to all without the user knowing it.

Facebook uses F-Connect at many sites, ranging from sports to applications etc. These sites, once you login to facebook using F-connect or any tool, automatically have an access to your personal information and they use it for advertising and other purposes like spam, viruses etc.

One can edit the settings and control the data but may be it becomes too late and all your information is out on the web for many potential profile hackers, spammers etc.

There has been some interesting things recently with one site campaigning for “delete your facebook” account and the day is 29th may; Pakistan banning the site because of Mohammed Online drawing competition; student group from NYU coming with an alternate option DIASPORA.

Four students from New York University have raised $100,000 (initially planned to raise only $10,000) to build an alternative for Facebook called Diaspora. They plan to start it by 1st June during holidays.

This site will have the users owning their data rather leaving it at the hands of site-handlers to expose it everywhere. It will provide the option of ‘seeds’ where users can post images, talks, videos, text, ads etc. and invite conversation. There will not be any interference from the site-handlers on the personal information and privacy of the users.

This seems interesting as we have seen how Orkut lost it’s users to Facebook in India. More and more users are shifting to Facebook for it’s dynamism but at the same time, as there is no better option, they are annoyed with it too. So maybe Diaspora gives that alternative and the world says, “are you on Diaspora?”


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