Jharkhand: A Theatre of the Absurd?

It’s like waiting for Godot to the BJP in Jharkhand! Godot being JMM supremo Mr. Soren’s words and his vibrating stand to it. Mr. Soren has again made it clear that he is the CM and will not quit after agreeing for power sharing with BJP a week earlier. He went on to say, “who will remove me?” That is quite a big statement to make!

Jharkhand has been, arguably, the most unstable state politically. With nine governments in 10 years (and it seems it will be 10 in 10), the common mass has been the victim. Lack of will and trust has been the core issue in Jharkhand coalition governments. Shibu Soren had a history of flip-flops in this regard. He had earlier made a deal with BJP for power sharing and then after his term was over, he backed out of government!

This time he has again gone away from his public announcement on power sharing for 28 months each with BJP. BJP has been precautious with going in for the first term with Arjun Munda as the CM as it has had an experience with Mr. Soren.

Let’s see what comes out now. BJP leader MM Joshi called Jharkhand’s situation, a theatre of the absurd where anything happens anytime and there is no reason for it, no logic of happenings. Morever, there is no clue and all are blaming all!

It is really sad for a state which is so rich with resources for development, lacks political stability that could otherwise propel it to the top most position on growth chart. Apart from political instability it is fighting almost a civil war with Naxalism and Maoism. Illegal minings, killings, bomb blasts are taking place on regular basis.

The need is to settle down and think what is to be done. Leaders lack stature and have almost lost the faith of the public. It is quite surprising to hear that an independent MLA becomes the kingmaker in Jharkhand(as happened in last polls).

It seems to be heading for yet another president’s rule. But will that do any good?


3 thoughts on “Jharkhand: A Theatre of the Absurd?

  1. It’s refreshing to read this one …sounds very convincing …will definitely serve as a wake-up call if only Jharkhandis read it …Also, I would like to add on that I really like your comparison of the status quo of jharkhand with the theatre of absurd(On your own understanding) …And I can bet that these politicos wont ever step down from their meaningless actions !…It is not the government who will decide the fate of this state but it’s the people of Jharkhand who should wake up and choose their leaders responsibly…

  2. well, Jharkhand was created out of Bihar because Bihar was not developing and Jharkhand thought that with the kind of resources they have, they will do better without being a part of Bihar! But today we can very well see that Bihar is doing much better!

    A food for thought and debate…what is needed for growth…resources or will???

    1. It is a well known fact that why the three states were created in the year 2000 and why are new states created.

      Though Jharkhand was neglected by Bihar, there is no doubt about that either. There were areas where there were no roads, no electricity, no drinkable water, no proper senitation, eduction and even the basic necessity like a brick home…

      But it’s own leaders had ditched it, political mileage and self-development drove Jharkhand from the cliff in to the valley! Situation is sad and I agree that will is more important than resourses as it’s biggest resources like mines are being illegally mined and used by naxalaites and maoists against the state itself.

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