Surrender or face the music!

misguided or frustrated?
Why one takes arms?

Latest one liner from government of India: Surrender or face the music!

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said, “Insurgency has no place. The insurgents have to surrender or else they will be dealt with firmly,” “The security forces have been asked to implement the policies,”. He was attending a meeting in Assam.

Chidambaram claimed that security situation in Assam has taken a postive turn after several leaders of militant outfits like United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) and Dima Halam Daogah (DHD-J) were arrested in recent days.

The problem however remains the same on the issue of talks. These outfits demand sovereignty and government can’t give that. Another problem is the way government handles these situations. With aaparently no knowledge of the areas, troop are sent only to be killed again and again. Dantewada is an example.

One still finds no better solution than talks. Attacking these areas will hurt the Indian state on all the fronts. At the same time all these states can’t be given autonomy or sovereignty!

These organisations might think that they will be happy and manage the situation after being sovereign but that won’t be the case. Each state of North East is flooded with a number of organisations. All of them have their own ideology. Once they get what they demand, civil war is sure to take place. The state will end up jumping off the cliff.

Vested interests of some politicians and a generation of misguided and frustrated youth who have been denied education, employment, a decent living is what makes these organisation thrive.

If the government, on an year on year basis, takes steps to ensure a ‘good living’ by providing education and employment, the problem will die it’s death. Whole region and India knows that armed struggle is not the solution, it’s a way to pressurize, it is an eternal struggle which will yield nothing than blood on both side.

And frankly, blood impacts none; neither government nor militants. Both will recruit more as they can recruit more! They will demand, government will say no…

All I wish is a decent living which is the right of every individual. Can’t India provide that to the Naxals, to the militants, to the youth who hve choosen what they shouldnot have?


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