Politics of Caste and Caste Based Census

At a time when the whole world talks about human rights and equality, India is heading into the politics of caste system. The centre has appointed a GoM to decide about the timing and logistics of caste based census which will enumerate the OBC people along with SCs and STs.

The British government had stopped the caste based counting in 1930s saying it to be discriminatory. Suddenly after 80 years some politicians, the so called OBC leaders, woke up to realise that this was an issue of national importance and pressurized the government to include the caste in census.

Government is helpless, even if this is not in it’s agenda yet the fear of loosing a huge votebank at a time when Dalit and Religion based divisive politics is on song, has led it to say yes.

One fails to understand what will happen or what won’t happen if caste is included or not. What if the census was done? Will it be a demand for proportionate representation and reservation in private and public sector?

The issue is not caste based census nor is it going to bring any change other than some disrupted sessions of parliament over reservation going beyond 50%. There is already a ministry to look after the OBC welfare but what does it do or has done is not known!

This is just an issue out of issuelessness of Lalu and Mulayam and some other so called OBC leaders. They needed something to talk and stage protest to show that ‘they care’ for the interest of OBCs.

All these, Lalu, Mulayam, Ram Bilas Paswan, have lost their base in their own states. This is a desperate attempt of survival as UP and Bihar along with many other states are still indulged in caste politics.

The point is what will they do with this data? What if even reservation is given to them? What has India achieved after 60 years of reservation based on caste? And what will it achieve now?

Won’t we have generation of incompetent workers (no contempt to any caste) if the talent is ignored and caste is preferred?

The point is where are we heading to! Is it for a structured India with opportunity to all or a mere political stunt to win back some votes and arguably pushing the nation in the dark ages on some issues of fake nature?


One thought on “Politics of Caste and Caste Based Census

  1. Currently it seems to be logistic not in our eyes but in the eyes of marginalised leaders,marginalised in their thoughts.They are adopting this measure as a long term gain in order to attain more and more seats and having greater representation in the parliament.But,there is no denying the fact that we are heading for disaster,its not perceptible now,but such issues are not addressed then certainly we are heading for the foundation of a world where the streets will be flooded with blood,let alone the highways.It also reminds me of the roots of terrorism,its we who are producing terrorists.Do you think that those whose talent are turned down because of belonging to higher caste,are to be blamed when take harsh action against the society ,turning violent???
    Certainly not.we are going to be founder of this society …..making differentiated society and paving the way for unimaginable disaster.

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