Twitter: the next crazy thing in Indian Social Networking

In the last 10-15 years, from the yahoo Chat rooms to ‘Instant messaging’ and then to Orkut it has been an upward graph for people around the world. There were several social networking sites with sole aim to network everyone with everyone.

The trend evolved with new services like sharing beyond text, i.e. images, videos, sound and now location. Technology speeded up the internet and file sharing became fast and common. In India, till now Orkut was the synonym of social network but recently Facebook’s upward user graph and features seem to have blown it away.

More and more users are switching loyalties from Orkut to Facebook. Though Facebook as a phenomenon is relatively new to India but has caught the youth fast and made it addicted. Orkut revolutionarised the way the young people interacted and invited older people as well.

With the time and technology getting fast and small, people have less time to use these sites. The new innovation of microblogging site Twitter is very apt for the time. It asks to send Tweets of 140 characters and posts it to the space of your followers. One can follow as many people as one wants. Celebrities are hit on Twitter as everyone wants to know what they are doing.

They have made it an advertising and promotional tool as well.  It is like a tool of personal promotion and publicity. It is like being a celebrity among your small group. You know instantly what Amitabh Bachchan or Sachin Tendulkar is doing! You post your questions and Shahshi Tharoor replies to you!

All the social networking sites have its own ways to engage. Orkut came with Scraps and photos, Facebook with Walls and comments and Twitter with Tweets…

The concept of blogging is new to India and often people leave it to some ‘aware’ people who know how to write. But Twitter has miniaturised this concept to 140 characters! Use your skills to be precise, write your SMS lingo and there is a bunch of readers which understands and comments. Even if you don’t get comments, it’s satisfying to see yourself speaking for anything. You feel sad for the train mishap, Tweet it! It gives a strange satisfaction and makes you feel that I have done my bit!

There is no annoying advertisement on Twitter, at least till now, which makes it a clean pick. Apart from that the use of SMS to Follow, Tweet, Retweet, Get tweets etc. (all commands are here at has made it easier for anyone. Any other site needs an internet connection to be connected, but twitter costs nothing to be used from mobile! And it should be just a mobile which can send messages! No extra cost but the standard message charge of the carrier!

The fan following of Twitter is increasing every single day and the access to celebrities have made it a hit as of now (Tharoor’s and Modi’s controversy had added to its popularity). Within two-three months Twitter will be having an great chunk of users in India and there is no doubt that it will be the next crazy time passing as well as engaging tool for the youth and all.


6 thoughts on “Twitter: the next crazy thing in Indian Social Networking

  1. No doubt Twitter has created waves, seems as if everyone is on it. I got on it quite early and secured the name @bihar as my twitter handle. Although I don’t have lots of followers, I nonetheless tweet once in a while.

  2. Twitter will not be as famous as orkut and facebook have been. the reason is simple these networking sites have to be appealing to the youths. Twitter with no applications and games lacks the requisite appeal. Just allowing to share mind you are in in particular moment is not enough what i think. The initial enthusiasm of getting to know about certain celebrity may push someone to open account on twitter but it will loose charm in the longer run.
    The gestation period before people gets cazy about it will be very long.

    1. The whole concept of Twitter is quite engaging. You must note that it is above Orkut in top 1000 sites by unique user hits everyday at 18th spot. Let’s know what extra Twitter has which you missed:
      Share your status, pics, videos, sounds and precise texts. Apart from that it has become a hot favourite among users to share news which we avoid reading. You read an article, it appeals you, you share it on Twitter. Just a short link and it is not hey wire!

      The way it has customized itself to the mobile messaging it will be a huge hit. At presnt only airtel subscribers can use the mobile for it but while it will expand it will blow off.

      And anyway it is different from Orkut and FaceBook in many ways.

  3. and the best thing abt twitter is not only that you can get to know the real celebrities. and only you can follow them but they at times reply to your thoughts and you actually get to interact with them

    1. Yes, I agree. At all the other platforms like Facebook and Orkut you keep guessing whether you are at the right person or not. At Twitter you get to know thought of great persons, one’s idol and feel gratified when they Tweet back!

      It also gives a skill to put your thoughts in minimum words. So that way as well, other than posting images, links etc. it is more engaging at this moment!

      Happy Tweeting:-)

  4. ya…really haven’t we seen messaging growing and changing so fast…
    mailing was the craze when we were in school.
    then, yahoo chat rooms became the fashion.
    after that gtalk, fb and orkut started ruling the roost. and now! twitter and buzz……..though i dont rank buzz that high. but still i really get a bit edgy thinking abt what next? may be there will be something soon which will combine the satisfactions of all these and raose a new platform

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