Soderling is 13th time lucky

Robin Soderling produced an immaculate display of tennis with some real power hitting and clever array of strokes from baseline and near the net to send Roger Federer packing 3-6,6-3,7-5,6-4 for the first time since 2004 in quarter finals of the French Open.

It was a shocking exit of the Swiss who has almost made it a habit to reach finals of the Grand Slam events after 2004, reaching finals of almost every Grand Slam he played and winning most of them other than four French Open losses to Nadal.

The first set was when Federer looked set to thwart his opponent against whom he had a clean record of 12-0 and a 12-0 again for the sets he played at the open. But suddenly things turned Swedish player’s way when he made sure that Federer gets nothing as easy as his fans thought. He took the second set 6-3 after loosing the first 3-6.

Federer was clearly struggling to return the fast serving Swede who served in 220s and fired many aces. Federer seemed to have lost the touch in the game and was unable to hold on to break points by either netting or playing the ball outside at crucial points.

He had to pay for it and the set went Soderling’s way in the eleventh game when Soderling broke him eventually taking the set by 7-5. Federer then returned with some good play and broke Soderling’s serve in his first game of the fourth set only to give away his own serve in the next game.

At this point Roger had already lost the game as Soderling didn’t give any chances and if he had, he made sure Federer doesn’t capitalize. Playing some great tennis combined with power and energy Soderling finally broke Federer again and took the fourth set 6-4 and won the match.

It was seen that Federer was a no match after the first set and was no where looking as the defending champion. Unable to convert the break points won and unluckily very few of his drop shots worked, mostly going Soderling’s way who made sure to return the balls cleverly and out of Roger’s reach.

Soderling now plays Thomas Bedrych in the semifinals and if he defeats him and if Nadal too reaches the finals, it will be treat to watch. Two power players with lots of energy and committment playing each other at the same Roland Garros where Soderling defeated him last year. Nadal will be hoping for a revenge from the Swede at the same time Soderling will make sure that he doesn’t give away the chances if owning a French Open title that easily.


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