BCCI controversy in five paragraphs

It is an idiocy on the part of anyone who is crying foul over BCCI’s stance of not sending the cricket team to Asian Games. As a matter of the fact ICC decides the Future Tour Programme of its member and associate countries FOUR years in advance. And it involves a huge sum of money, engagement of infrastructure, sponsorship deals and lots of time. ICC makes sure that for development of cricket all around the world it is exhibited properly. No nation unless it is something like a terror attack or issue of security, is allowed to back from the decided programme.

So it is mindless to even raise a finger over BCCI whereas the Asian Games authorities have recently decided to include cricket as a discipline. And saying that it should shift the New Zealand tour sometime else is simply a statement which only a no-knowledge brain can give. It is a clear cut media driven controversy with its own agenda of getting some cheap readership as well as TRPs on the expanse of an organisation which is yet stuck in Modi’s IPL handlings.

It is not something which had to be blown out as it has been tried to. Electronic media will have some 30 minute programme with catchy headlines running whole day, newspapers will have dedicated columns over this. Online portals will have lots of hits on their pages and invite many comments…

And the aam Janata who will not be told the facts will start slamming BCCI that this is sedition and unpatriotic and bla bal bla… The media tries it’s best to conceal at the place of revealing for its own purpose. It quotes the middle lines and never lets us know the start and the end. MS Gill’s statement that the boys play lot of cricket was published but his statement that personally he was not sure of cricket’s inclusion was not!

So there is a clear politics of words and agenda which media is trying to play. People however have access to enough platform now and these controversies die its own death fast nowadays. So I urge some responsibility on part of media which has touched its nadir and some research on part of aam janata so that it doesn’t fall prey to these.


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