FIFA world cup 2010: Latest Team Rankings and Player Rankings

With the FIFA world cup 2010 kicking off today its hard for anybody to stay away from the game. Football frenzy is taking over the globe. Media is giving a lots of coverage with player details, team rankings, team standings, previous performances, favorites appearing everywhere.

Giving a cursory glance at the current team rankings which came out last on May 10 shows that the first eight teams have neither gained nor lost any points on their previous rankings declared on April 10.

Brazil is at the top with 1611 points followed by Spain with 1565 points. Brazil are seen as one of the favorites given their previous performances at the world cups even as their top stars are missing this year.

At the third position with 1249 points are Portugal which will be banking on the sensational Christiano Ronaldo who is the talk of the town.

The Netherlands with 1231 points stand at fifth place behind Italy with 1184 points. Italian team is full on confidence with it’s new coach Marcello Lippi making headlines every day. He has made several changes in the team and left out some of the stars of the team.

Germany with 1082, Argentina with 1076 are placed at sixth and seventh place respectively. Argentina will be the tam to watch this year. Sensational Lionel Messi has grabbed lots of eyeballs and media pie with his great performances at the national as well as club level.

Argentine coach Maradona has stated that he will run naked if the team wins the Cup! Certainly he rides on the confidence of having a team which he thinks is better than the world cup winning team of 1986. This alone makes Argentina the hot favorites at South Africa.

England are placed at the eighth place and are banking on their star player Wayne Rooney. Other  teams  that follow England are France, Croatia, Russia, Egypt, Greece and USA.

The hosts, South Africa, are placed at the 83rd position but will bank on the fact that they have the crowd and home support.

On the players front, it is Lionel Messi from Argentina who leads the ranking ahead of Portuguese Christiano Ronaldo and British Player Wayne Rooney who are placed at second and third respectively.

Kaka from Brazil is placed at four followed by Spain’s Xavi and Ivory Coast and Chelsea forward Didier Drogba.

Two Spanish players Andres Iniesta and Fernando Torres are placed at seventh and eighth respectively. English player Stephen Gerrard is placed ninth and Micghael Essein from Ghana follows him at the tenth place.

With all fun and frolic along with some serious love for the game, South Africa is ready to rock again. Waka…waka… This time to South Africa…


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