Abby Sunderland: Should these expeditions be allowed?

Lots of talk and media limelight has gone to Abby Sunderland, the sixteen year old teenager who went missing in the Indian Ocean. The debate rages now whether or not these adventures be allowed?

As her boat Wild Eyes needed to be rescued and the news of her being missing floated, blogs and articles all over the internet and other media started a debate of morality and justness of the adventure.

The articles argue whether the parents should have allowed her to sale off solo or have tried to contain her or arrange a proper back up facility? Each parent in the world thinks their child to be a superman but are they actually? Aren’t we trying to snatch the childhood away from them on the name of records?

Imagine this situation a 100 years ago; was there any way to save her if her vessel would have failed in the middle of the ocean? The technology and tracking system had made it possible to track her and get connected.

There are both sides to this story with supporters as well as critics voicing their opinion. At one hand this is a win of love for adventure and the guts of human being trying to conquer the nature, at the other it is like putting a paper boat in the middle of a known storm.

What is your opinion? Should these expeditions and adventures be allowed with certain limitations or should we keep on pushing our limits to the stretching points and beyond?


2 thoughts on “Abby Sunderland: Should these expeditions be allowed?

  1. Jessica Watson 16 year old sailed solo around the world before Abby had her knock down. Ausy girls more mature than US girls?

    1. May be! I am not sure of that! But I think we should be a bit more responsible while we send minors for such great adventures. All accepted that she is brave, intelligent, mature but what if her life was lost! A back up team must follow these adventures.

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