iPhone iOS 4 release time, iOS update features

APPLE’S iOS 4 will be available for download anytime today in the iTunes to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch
(barring the first generation) users. The iOS 4 release time has not been announced by Apple rather it is confirmed that it will be available on June 21, i.e. today. The new iOS 4 update provides a variety of new and enhanced features on a core OS level, on a developer API level, and on the surface for end users.
iOS 4 delivers a number of features from iPhone OS 3.2 (as it was called upon its release), which debuted on iPad this spring, to iPhone and iPod touch users. These include:
1. A revised look and feel reminiscent of the Mac OS X desktop, including a glass shelf Dock, translucent status bar, and support for custom wallpaper on the Home screen.
2. It will have support for iTunes “File Sharing,” which copies documents associated with a specific app on or off the device whenever it syncs with iTunes.
3. Support for suggested search terms in Safari when the user types for a query.
4. The long awaited and much talked HTML5 videos can now play within the browser window, rather than launching the QuickTime full screen player.
5. It will also support for Apple’s iBooks, eBook reader and store app, which will also add a missing feature that enables users to view and store PDF files right in the iBooks sections.
6. iOS 4 will have support for Bluetooth keyboards and for system-wide spell check, word suggestion and replacement, and other developer-extendable features that can be included in the text selection copy/paste menu.
7.iPod has got some great new features such as  create playlists on the device. Other than that it will have album art in its listings, and presents additional metadata for the currently playing song or podcast when the user brings up playback controls.
8. One of the most demanded features of orientation lock has also featured in this iOS 4 update. In iOS 4, the orientation lock is presented when you double-click on the Home button and swipe to the left.
9. A new Location Services icon in the menu bar that flags when the current app is accessing your location, either using GPS or WiFi triangulation.

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