iPhone 4 release date, reception problems, antenna issue

A big day for Apple as iPhone 4 release date nears the scheduled time. Within an hour or so people will get their hands on Apple iPhone 4 or Apple iPhone 4G(as it is called mistakenly). Steve jobs had earlier made Apple iPhone 4 announcement in his keynote at WWDC 10.

As the device was launched in five countries, it saw its own share of problems. iPhone 4 problems include reception problems when the steel band is touched and a yellow mark on the screen in some unites. For the reception problem Apple says it to be an issue related to software which mere doesn’t display the bars. The yellow patch may be due to packaging and nothing else.

The iconic Apple iPhone 4 OS is an updated version of the last OS and runs on iOS 4. The iPhone 4 launch time nears and there have been some reception problems in the iPhone 4 when held by steel band.

A tech blog site Gizmodo, which posted the photos of a leaked iPhone 4 prototype earlier this month, reports some users getting reception problems. While the steel band of iPhone 4 is touched by two fingers it shows all the network bars vanishing. If one touches the steel band with  other hand, preferably the left and bottom sides together there is a certainty of signal disappear, or drop by three or four bars.

The problem is being so widely reported that Gizmodo has managed to add 16 videos of the phenomenon, along with many, many user reports. The problem is also repeatable, making it look like a lot more than simple coincidence.

Professor Gert Frolund Pedersen of the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University says:

Human tissues will in any case have an inhibitory effect on the antenna. Touch means that a larger portion of the antenna energy turns into heat and lost. This makes the antenna less efficient to send and receive radio signals.

Walt Mossberg, in his review of the iPhone 4, had an eerily similar-sounding experience:

On at least six occasions during my tests, the new iPhone was either reporting “no service” or searching for a network while the old one, held in my other hand, was showing at least a couple of bars. Neither Apple nor AT&T could explain this.

iPhone 4 lines have started a week ago and people are waiting to get their hands on the new device. The iPhone 4G launches today at 5 countries. Long lines have been reported and people enthusiastically camping for long hours outside the Apple Stores are seen in all the five countries.

Or perhaps it is all a sinister plot from Apple to sell more of those insulating rubber Bumper cases?


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