A Story From My Village

A very fat man of about 150-170 kg was a very happy man. He used to sit outside his roadside house and happily pass comments on my papa and other village friends. A very nice father to his children and grandchildren and overall a good human being.

The set up is same, the man sits at the same place but he has lost some 50 kgs, doesn’t even smile on my papa’s pranams.

He is a sad man today because one of the grand daughters ran off the house with a guy from neighbouring village. Two girls ran off their houses from different villages on same day. There is no trace of the girl for last three weeks.

This is a general story for many of us. Many will dismiss it as a coming of modern era where individuals are making decisions. Many will say to think with an open mind.

Why does it happen that we stop thinking about our parents and take such decisions? The fat man will die a slow death as it is a case of a personal loss and the social status and honour one has.

I see him and understand that how one step of an individual can affect many people. His parents don’t come out of house. The search is on. The village weekly haat (considered a meeting place for these young lovers) is no more in my village. Parents have suddenly started screaming on their girls.

These thing affects the whole social fabric as of now. May be in ten years from now, running away from home won’t amaze us.


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