Apple without Steve Jobs?

News reports say that Steve Jobs, the charismatic tech czar and Apple CEO, might have only 6 weeks to himself. What does this news mean to the tech world in particular and world in general?

This news means a lot to America and Apple… and perhaps world. It might send the stock market crashing and make the big Apple fall for lack of innovation that Jobs brings to Apple. And the world will lose many gadgets and tech products that we would never know if Steve didn’t think for us.

Steve Jobs is not a merely innovative and creative man but he is a man with an eye which can see the future and alter it for his company. He doesn’t bring products that are general and in abundance… he doesn’t enter an enterprise which existed but creates one before anyone could imagine of it… he doesn’t enter markets, he makes a market for his product.

Jobs started Apple with a dream, he lived it and is living it. From Macintosh to iPad he has traversed a long journey and brought to world an ease and satisfaction with his products. There were song playing devices like walkman and diskman but had limited portability, he brought iPod which could store thousands of songs in a small device.

There were several phones and smartphones in the world but iPhone came and changed the way smartphones are manufactured and used. Then he went ahead and brought iPad which was a gadget between a phone and a laptop. And people and institutions are accepting it with pleasure.

Almost all the success stories that Apple can boast of, has a Steve Jobs on front and back. When Apple’s board of directors sent him out of Apple, the company was on the verge of innovative extinction and it was Jobs’ another company Next’s product that saved it.

Apple brought him back and Mac gave a new lease of life to it. Since then Apple is flourishing like no other company in tech world. Microsoft, Google, RIM all follow what Apple does. Blogs and rumor sites are perennially abuzz with news of Apple products and even its components.

Steve Jobs is born once and man of his stature and genius are rare to find. We all sincerely hope for his recovery and may the world get its beloved innovator. Love you Steve, come back fast…


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