Free publicity for iPhone 5

The more you conceal, the more buzz it will generate. That is the mantra of Apple and it has given it a significant amount of publicity. It’s been Apple’s policy not to leak or let even its partners leak any info about its forthcoming products.

This alone generates great attention and everyone wants to know about it. Blogs and dedicated websites do the job of churning out stories and rumours continuously. Latest in the rumour mill is the rumour about the fifth generation iPhone or so called iPhone 5.

Web reporters are paying Apple’s partners or their employees to leak something about a product. What is the size of iPhone 5’s screen, will iPhone 5 have an 8 MP camera, will iPhone 5 come with free MobileMe services, will iPhone 5 be smaller and thinner, will iPhone 5 have edge to edge screen, will iPhone 5 have A5 processors…???

These are few questions which have come up and are answered differently by various bloggers and websites. There are rumours of three prototypes of iPhone 5 doing the rounds, of which one is said to have slide out keyboard.

Apple iPhone is iconic and now has a cult status in the world. The ease of use, no virus, long battery life, the satisfaction and care of Apple makes it the most wanted phone in the world.

No one knows whether the next iPhone will have a new design, new hardware and advanced software or not, but it is certainly generating a lot of interest as any Apple product. This strategy has been paying Apple for long.

Apple doesn’t have to advertise or put so much money as others as it gains free publicity and fastest one. Whole world wants to know about Apple’s new product whether they have to buy it or not. Internet is a platform that gives it publicity around the world in very small span of time.

Why Apple gets this special treatment? I think Apple deserves this special status because of its unmatched standards, quality and assurance that a buyer gets. It has been the company that has unmatched customer satisfaction. One who has used one apple product wants to come into the fold where he/she can own some more of the Apple.

This is what makes Apple special and that is why iPhone 5 or iPad 2 is buzzing so much on the internet.


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