Chronicle of a death foretold

It was just a routine visit that I and my friend Amool took to see our friend Pawan. We were on our bike as Amool was driving. General chatting was going on as we crossed Indra Vihar. Date: 26-02-11, Time: 10:00 PM

Suddenly a Karizma pulled up quite fast and stylishly as I saw it had a broken tail lamp. The speed left Amool aghast and he unconsciously said: “bahut Sahi Behanchod” (Great! You rascal. You are sure to die). I saw the tail lamp and told to myself that the bike must have seen so many accidents and it will meet up with it again for sure.

And it was just a matter of two minutes and a 5-600 metres when I saw a fainted lady on the road. Some people were helping her to make her seat on a chair on the road. A truck was standing there with some enthusiastic guys pulling the driver out.

As my bike slowed down I saw a handsome guy with fairly muscled body lying unconscious (or perhaps dead) on the road. Blood was oozing out of his left eye and his tip of tongue could be seen between both his lips.

People started gathering and I asked my friend to leave the spot. As we started to leave I spotted his helmet and the headlight of bike thrown away at a distance. His bike was also lying on the road.

And the bike had a broken tail lamp!

Perhaps he tried to pull the truck with same style in high speed from left to right and as we both thought he killed himself.


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