iPad 2 is the best till iPad 3 arrives

iPad 2, the second generation iPad from Apple, has arrived and has been reviewed by various tech people. It is light, snappy, feature rich, cheaper, thinner and noticeably faster… way ahead of any of its competitors.

Apple created a new segment with the iPad last year selling 15 million devices in 9 months and then there were flurry of manufacturers trying to enter the market with similar products. However, none have succeeded to come even closer to Apple’s iPad.

iPad 2 doesn’t take giant leaps or does anything revolutionary over the iPad. Still it is a device to own. It does things in style and does them fast with its latest dual core A5 chips. The graphics performance is 9 times better than its predecessor.

Being thin and light along with maintaining a great touch screen which can read 10 touch points simultaneously is just outrageously great.

The iPad 2 is thinner than the iPhone 4 and that makes it lighter as well. The thinness of the iPad 2 and the curved back makes it fit more easily in the hands. That makes reading a pleasure on the device.

It gives more than 10 hours on a single charge because of the huge battery iPad 2 packs inside. While its competitors like Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab are still trying hard to go thinner and keep battery back-up good still they come nowhere close to iPad 2.

The device now has an HDMI connector to help project things on a larger screen. The 2 cameras, one HD at the back and a VGA in the front, is a welcome feature as iPad was missing it.

The size of the device (which Jobs won’t compromise) makes it a bit awkward to take still images. But then, who goes around taking pics with tablets when mobile phone cameras are smaller and better.

Another great accessory is the ‘smart covers’, a magnetic cover which makes the iPad 2 sleep when you put it on and wakes it up as you remove it. It’s really magical.

There are a lot of rumours about iPad killers but that is yet to be seen. RIM Playbook has generated a lot of interest but it is yet to see the light of the day.

iPad 2 kills all the competition because of the aggressive pricing ($499 or 24,000 INR for the 16GB Wi-Fi) and the brand it belongs to. Though Apple products has always been costlier then its competitor but it’s a different story for the iPads.

Many people demand a feature of telephone on the iPad but that doesn’t seem logical. Mind you, it’s not a fusion of your phone and computer but a device that lies somewhere in between. It’s a different product. It is like asking your phone to do film-editing. And anyway it will look highly idiotic to hold a 10-inch tablet to your ears in a metro train.

Even if you tend to use an earphone or hands free, just think about dialing a number! If you are still comfortable, you are an anarchist:-)

All said, iPad 2 is the best alternative given the super speed, thinness, light weight, and above all cheaper than all. And don’t wait for this feature or that, if you have to buy it, just buy it. There is no fun when the fashion is gone.


2 thoughts on “iPad 2 is the best till iPad 3 arrives

  1. Hm… I agree with you, but I think ill just wait for the ipad 3, which is rumored to have 1 gb of ram, a better processor, RETINA display!… and im prety sure some other extras. I might just get a really cheap ipad 1 for the moment…. BUT this is my opinion.

    1. Yes, you can wait if you have the iPad as iPad 2 isn’t anything revolutionary over iPad. iPad 3 is worth the wait as it will be coming within 6-9 months with many improvements that whole blogosphere is talking about.

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