I am not a high-school lover

Note: this post is just a recollection of my past experiences at college and has nothing to with any individual. If someone identifies with it, it’s a coincidence.

One falls in love and mind you we generally don’t say that I was dragged into love or the like. The word fall means a negative phenomenon is happening and when one associates it with love, it means one has chosen to do so. And that association makes falling-a positive phenomenon.

The point is one takes his/her own decision when love happens. Philosophically, love happens and it cannot be generated on our wishes and desires nor can be killed through it.

I recently had a break up and in general break ups are bad. You will know it’s positives only when your friends remind you of some.

Some common advice after break up would be to delete her images, don’t think about her, you have better girls waiting for you, you have your career, think about your parents etc.

And I tell you it is never the case, they simply don’t work. Why would I delete all her photo when I had a beautiful time with her and they bring pleasure to me. Why not to think because I took all my decisions keeping her in mind, better girls never come through because they don’t exist, to be realistic.

It’s all filmy, though delivering a cake at her family apartment at 12 is also filmy! But you do idiotic things to laugh later. If that saves my relationship, I would rather use the water pipes to give her a red rose.

This is real world, the logic of Bollywood movies don’t work where you choose to follow one and leave the other. Every second guy is not named Rahul, damn it!

Forgetting is a process that never ends if you have ever loved. You abuse, talk non-sense but in a corner of the heart there is an eternal longing of oneness that was ignored.

I never talked properly to a girl before my bachelors. Unless I was sure what I was going to do, I won’t get into it. I fell into love, love happened to me. It was nothing surprising other than a spiritual feeling and experience. But it was worth every moment.

World talked about the mismatch but I told them it’s just a girl and a boy. We both feel great about each other and become idiots for each other, that alone is incredible for us.

But then I was made to realise Jean Jaques Rousseau’s words that said man is born free but several chains enslave him. I became a Hindu, Bihari albeit a human being with all the anatomical requirement to be called a boy.

There was anger earlier but that has gone. Female friends mostly say to move on but how does one moves on? Get a new girl just to satisfy that you belong to the ‘esteemed’ line-up of young men with girlfriends? Or to satiate your physical desires?

Love is not about ‘showing revenge’, NO! She’s got a boyfriend you too should move on yaar… Why? What’s the need to drag yourself somewhere where your conscience doesn’t allow.

It’s great that protagonist kills her seven husbands in a bid to find true love in a movie but the fact of the matter is what true love means to her?

My true love doesn’t mean projecting yourself to girls, date, have sex and break up nor I am a firm believer of ‘you fall in love, once and only once’!

If I am one of the seven husbands, so be it. Happy that I am still alive as others.

Only a question remains when will we know whom to love? Because, to me, slashing your veins to write the salutation of the love letter is going to high-school days. (though thats the secret desire of many ladies in teens) We are mature individuals, let’s be sensible in loving… and sympathising:-)


2 thoughts on “I am not a high-school lover

  1. njoy luv in ol its forms dude……
    nd atleast u r able 2 xpress ur feelings ….many dont even do dat…..keep in their heart

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