Deconstructing a 2-year-long love affair

Note: this post is a recollection of my experiences at college and not meant to target anyone.

There is this guy who loved a girl whom he saw for the first time in his MA class. He proposed her and with some usual reluctance it gets accepted. Two years of full fan-fare and a sudden break-up via SMS…

The melancholy in me forces me to think what may have gone wrong overnight? What could have transpired in one night that the girl who had the faith, that the guy could bring moonstones for her had she desired, would all evaporate? What could have forced her to suddenly quit all communications with the boy? What made the face that she could kiss till eternity, suddenly ugly?

The boy was the best of the lot if one doesn’t count the face… academically and all other related activities that can happen in the course. He proposed to the girl in flat 18 days and after a month of kind consideration (quite natural of beautiful girls, just to make you feel her importance!) it was accepted.

Quite a unique match of different identities- a ‘Bihari-Hindu’ boy (that identity was born that day only) and a Muslim girl. Yet it went well for two years.

It was after the break up that the boy realized that he was not a human being but a Bihari and then a Hindu. This highly logical realization came to the girl on the day of break up.

Why she took so long to say the final good bye? Wasn’t the boy a Bihari earlier, wasn’t he a Hindu earlier, did he change his living habits overnight?

The boy was wondering what the girl will say to the common friends? Would she be able to lie to herself? What will her conscience say?

But hey, it seems that this type of girls don’t have any conscience… they just don’t bother about that!

It’s very easy to understand all this seeing her past and analyzing her past affairs (oh yes! Beautiful girls have many of them. Boys know it very well yet they fall every single time not thinking that when she couldn’t be of some tom or dick of her own community then why would she be yours?) Just chill!

The fact is, this girl (and her types) suffers from the disease of ‘having someone around’. Despite the fact that she had a flourishing 5 year old affair she chose to have this new guy hiding the affair she had then. The guy claims had he known about the affair the, he would never pursue it.

Isn’t it great when you have the top boy of the class licking your ass! It really is. And she made him feel that you may be the best but you ought to be following me an my commands (the usual girl boy thing).

A kind of status symbol to ‘own’. She left her 5-year old boyfriend guessing what wrong did he do! (nothing great buddy, just you were away from her!) The girl went with our guy just for the fact, apart from his academic prowess, that he would always be with her.

The girl would do every single act that a genuine girl-friend does. (just because there were many common friends who knew everything about the affair). She would visit her in hospital to make others believe that she really cared but the fact remained it was a stunt to be exchanged at the last time when she would eventually break up.

This fact would help her establish her dedication towards the boy and an image of… perhaps Mother Teresa! All giving without any selfishness.

It is highly illogical to believe she didn’t break-up during the class days just because she would have to face the boy everyday! How unreal! And for that she did all that ‘an Allah fearing Muslim girl’ shouldn’t!

The boy couldn’t take the break up and stress took it’s toll but good sense prevailed and despite damaging his body vitally, he came back all kicking and jazzing.

Boy is happy that finally he is out of the claw of a boy-starved girl and didn’t get killed!

The girl would always say that her friends (who never met or saw the boy) said she didn’t deserve him. (God save her and her esteemed friends who make perceptions by merely seeing photographs).

This was just a ploy to make the boy realize that he was nothing in front of her (perhaps beauty, which leaves the body one day) and she was doing ‘ehsaan’ by continuing with him.

The classes finished, and the girl had boys gasping for her at work place, bosses proposing her, CEOs taking her interviews at the place of her choice!

This all made her feel the worth of her biggest asset, her beauty, to be increasing. And the game continues…

These girls live in a flimsy world of fantasy where Facebook is the best place to share thoughts and ‘likes’ of her chicken-head friends (obviously not all, but ones I mentioned above) are all they care.

Status changes to ‘single’ and then to ‘in a relationship’ and comments pour in! Some of our common friends would be digitally (:-), :-P, :-D) happy and excited and wonder who the lucky boy was!

Don’t ask who the lucky boy was, ask ‘who is this next lucky guy?’ because all of the previous ones would have had their share of luck.

The boy is back to normal and is happy even after realizing that he was wrong choosing that girl. He is happy that at least for those 2 years he lived in the elusive platonic world of love where doing all idiotic things would look rational. It was all surreal for him then, it is surreal now… albeit for different reasons!


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