While Anna fasts, let’s start our bit

Corruption in India is like air, you feel it all around, you know it is all around but you can’t live without it.

This is not one’s choice but forcefully and many a times subconsciously we become a part of it.

Corruption is not a physical quantity and so it can not be tackled that way. It has to be tackled mentally.

All of us are corrupt in one way or the other. There must have been times when you would pay more to the auto-wallah, you would accept a one rupee toffy from the local shopkeeper instead of change, you won’t stand in the queue, reach late to the office, won’t go to vote… We have all become ok with it.

This is all being a part of a corrupt system where the common man unwittingly contributes to corruption because he/she sees his/her convenience.

Doesn’t our friend say why are you arguing for one rupee, it is too small a sum to argue.

It surely is a small sum but it starts changing and affecting your thinking procedure. You tend to believe in a process that is wrong. You start agreeing to the autowallah when he says meter is not working.

This is also being a part of corruption. Apart from the general and most talked about things like scams, bribery, misappropriation, tax theft etc. the common mass contributes to it as well.

Is there a solution to it? Well, philosophically speaking, each problem has a solution. And so does this corruption as well.

A certain viceroy to India wrote that in India you cannot escape corruption.

The social structure and the surroundings as well as the ease of paying a bit more to get things done has transformed our mind in the negative way.

Do you think a law can make the autowallah charge through meter? Do you think a law can stop bribery? Do you think a law can stop the petty landlords of Delhi renting rooms on reasonable rates?

No! Because for each of the above there is a law and has failed to do anything.

Let’s start to change our mindset… Let’s think twice before paying extra 100 for your ticket reservation… Let’s go to our colleges on time and ask our teachers to take classes… Let’s ask that popcorn vendor in the mall that how come a three rupees investment is sold for seventy…

The moment we start questioning ourselves and stop giving that extra bit to get some ease, we have taken a step in the positive direction.

When you become honest and questioning, then go further. Think about society, file RTIs to know the answer for that broken pillars in park, stolen streetlights, bad roads, dustbins… And keep fighting till something is done about it.

Remember, one can do wonders when one suspends the fear. Fear no fear, go on and save your society. Make a mental start and hopefully again some 73 old Anna Hazare won’t have to sit on hunger strike for a nation of 50-70 crore young people.


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