Death, be not proud!

For the last 15 days, after finding some typical symptoms of a terminal disease, I have been visiting Ganga Ram and been going through certain tests.

I am already on medication for a lever disorder and tuberculosis and this news couldn’t have come at a better time. With a weight loss off some 20 kgs, it is tough going to office everyday but that’s the way I am.

It pains like hell when I walk. It’s been some 50 days that I have been working with this severe joint pain (which now have become a habit though.). I ignored the pain in joints, and kept working.

It was around 1st of April that I realized something was hugely wrong with my body. To confirm, I went to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and they found symptoms of a terminal disease relating to my Pancreas.

They advised me some tests, two of them came positive and third will confirm it. And if that is confirmed, I might have some 5-7 years with me in rarest case. Generally the patient would die in a year.

So I have decided to drop that test with a logic that, if I really have that disease, I would die in 5-7 years anyway and if it isn’t then why spend money on the test.

Another logic is that I don’t want to live with the date of my death, when it has to come, it will come.

I must thank my room-mate who has taken a lot of care of me, doing every possible thing which he could have. A rare individual to find.

So I have decided to do the things I love doing as if I might be crushed by a car any day. That’s the uncertainty of life… I am being pushed to all the limits possible and I still say- Death be not proud!


2 thoughts on “Death, be not proud!

  1. What is this ?? – I just happened to read your blog, the way I usually do – please go & get your self checked; it might be curable or talk to me – ph. – 9312420008.
    Hoping this was written on 14th April, the problem should have subsided or gotten nullified. Please don’t take risks with your life. It is more valuable than you think.


    1. I think I am OK now. Gaining weight regularly, though a bit less. But that means there is nothing to worry. There is some serious liver issue which is being rectified and I should be fully fit by the end of the year. It was just one worst year of my life. Coping with it and all that remain is truthful wishes of friends:-)

      Doing good now.

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