Why you should get a tablet?

(Image: Motorola)

There are some obvious reasons and some very obvious ones. Have you ever wondered how many of you actually hold a phone with a data connection or a big screen phone? How many of you actually desire to hold a phone that is powerful in real sense of it. (I am not talking about Nokia 3310 for Christ’s sake)

The technology and innovation are in their youth now and it won’t be too late when you blink and you know there is something new happening around. Like – people flying and teasing birds, a watch which would double up as a pico-projector or a paper which could print latest news itself…

When computers came they were something wonderful even with a black and white screen with blinking lights and DOS. Then came multitasking, colour monitor, better operating systems, LCD screens, faster processors, vivid images, crisp videos…

Then started the rush to make it portable. Making of laptop which was a small suitcase in early days, it started getting compact, even more, smaller screens, better viewing angles, battery backup, movability, light on weight and ultra fast calculations & processing.

This need impregnated the laptops to give birth to netbooks which really couldn’t be delivered properly and perhaps died a premature death. Obviously we have seen some 7-month born babies around. I mean to say they were never perfected.

Side by side, two great evolutions were happening in the computer (using it as a larger term for all desktops, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, tablets etc…) technology- the everyday increasingly powerful smart phones and the tablets.

Apple took the giant technological leap and redefined the smartphone arena with the iPhone and Google partnering with other giants like Sony, LG, Samsung, HTC and others further revolutionarised it.

Every week there was a better phone with better processor, screen, UI and USPs like 3D imaging, projection, HD recording and huge power and speed.

People were confused- should they go for a big computing device or take a pocket size computer which could make calls and do almost all that a desktop can do, from capturing videos to producing well edited films!

Here a demand was created by many players like HP, LG and others. They started the tablet segment with many others.

(Image: Apple)

However, when Apple launched its iconic tablet device, the iPad, all were appalled that Apple was doing something like this… people started feeling a need to own it. Apple priced it lower than it’s competitors, offered better features with amazing battery life and a plethora of applications.

Google again followed the suit with its open source software Android, improved it for tablets and many manufacturers are now into the business.

Now the question- what is a tablet and why should one own it?

A tablet is a solution for most of our general needs in a better package with many advantages over it’s elder and smaller brothers- the laptop and smartphone.

Laptop is suddenly bulky now, smartphones are a bit small for word-processing, cinema viewing, conference calls, newspaper and book reading and image and video editing among other user specific needs.

Laptops are a bit bigger on size, heavy with all it’s big adopters, can’t actually sit in your lap, can’t take photos and videos with ease among other needs.

Tablets is the thing in between. Screen size of 7-11 inches, battery back up of up to 10 hours, better browsing and surfing then smartphones, sits in your lap, is light, faster then laptops and smartphones, can do almost all things that a phone and laptop does.

So if you plan to bore and perhaps fool your dad to buy a laptop to study (which means surfing net, watching movies, listening songs, social networking, presentations some time, blogging and perhaps reading news and books as well) you can get good deals on tablets which can satisfy all your needs.

There is the cheap Samsung Galaxy tab, the hot and sexy Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, RIM Playbook and other HTC, LG devices as well.

They are in different budget, configurations, features and need-specific. If you are an always online type, go for a 3G tablet with affordable data packs. If you are someone with access to net over wi-fi always then go for a wi-fi only version which are Rs 5000 cheaper then 3G ones.

If you use the net less and listen music, watch movies go for some tablet with 8-10 inch display and 16-32 GB space.

If you just want to surf net, read books, blog, news, make presentations, take notes in class then a simple 7 inch tablet with 16 GB and wi-fi/3G connection would do.

Don’t jump on the memory part too much. They cost approximate 5000 ($100) for every next jump (16-32-64). The world will soon see the cloud computing taking care of all your data without any need to worry for space.

Tablets will stay for a while because of their size and feel factor before something better comes. So this is the time to gratify your senses and get advancing in the group.

Because Laptop has died, netbook was never born and desktops are just in the offices and old homes.

So, if you are planning to buy a machine that is great on looks, speed, weight, feel, performance and features… go get a tablet and save the trouble.


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