A tribute to five beautiful women in my life

Before I go any further let me define what beautiful means to me Beauty is not something that reflects from a layer of skin on your skeleton rather it’s what the heart wears and throws around.

It is no women’s day, nor any special occasion but it’s just a time when I want to say thanks to these.

Mother: My mother is almost illiterate, born into one of the most backward areas of Bihar, married to another almost illiterate (but well educated) person- my father, spending most of her life in a village and had seldom gone outside the state.

But she is much educated then many women who hold a BA or an MA degree. She has thoughts of a modern women who believes in reason and is rational. Guides me whenever I get stuck. A forward looking and an open lady. I always adore her. Mother or no mother, her sheer thinking process makes me feel great having her around.

Sister: Sisters are generally loveable and I don’t have much to say about her. I just listen to her voice and feel light.

Bhabhi: A lady who has made a lot of impact on me and my persona. Motherly, friend, at times mentor as well.

Arpita: Arpita Bhattacharya! Hell of a friend… In fact a notch above many of my friends (male and female). Understands me so well that even we wonder what kind of relation this is. So, beautiful and big eyes and equally beautiful voice from a heart that is unbiased and full with love for me.

Samarpita: I don’t know what charm does she possess but I feel good talking to her. My junior in graduation days whose singing I always enjoyed.

To all of you five ladies, thanks for making my life great and I always remember the time and thoughts shared by you.


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