London riots and the burdened ‘white man’


(Image: The Telegraph)

Four days after a citizen was accidentally shot dead by police in London, the city is literally burning. Violence all around, chaos, and rampage on streets are a common site.

The violence has already expanded and has entered at least eight more cities apart from London.

That was the general news that everybody knows. It is a usual phenomenon that generally happens in ‘not so civilised’ societies like say Africa and more suitably India.

Army men kill an individual, or even rape and then mass goes berserk. That’s the usual song. People coming on streets protesting and harming national property.

All the same.

But England? The torch bearers of civilisation… English people are looting, burning, vandalising and go to an extent that they enter the residential areas of West London and do all the nuisance.

At first I didn’t believe it. Why would I? How can the ‘White man’ do this? They talk of civil rights, liberty, law and order and of course the ‘civilisation’…

The ‘White man’ is burdened but not with the obligation of civilising the world but itself. In India, I am yet to hear people mindlessly stealing and looting things from shops to protest.

The whole notion of judging everyone with an yardstick made by themselves and injecting a belief that only they are superior and have the proper way to live a life, is bursting.

Police is standing and doing almost nothing other than shouting. Kids are running into the stores and looting in groups.

If one person was shot dead, accidentally, (not like the AFSPA type accidents) is this the way to show anger?

Norway saw some 90 individuals killed in a planned shooting spree but they didn’t go looting and burning property! They even have the killer but they haven’t reacted by throwing stones or burning police vehicles.

For one life lost, obviously irreplaceable, how much public property and emotional harm you are doing to the society?

It’s a time to ponder upon and behave like a rational human being and a citizen who is bestowed with human rights and national duties as well.

The reason is ludicrous, if they have one, that just because a group has shown it’s anger the others will follow.

One is looting so will I? What an idiotic chain system.

Rise to you own definitions that you held in high spirits and dragged Biblical references to make Earth a better place.

Make England a better place and don’t victimise yourselves ‘White man’ …and women …and children!


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