BBM, iMessage to be passé; here comes Facebook Messenger (FBM) for samrtphones

FBMIn a world where ease of use and all-at-one-place is the fashion and demand, exclusivity on a technology cannot survive long. Freedom of knowledge and knowledge for all is the way to go to achieve the above said purpose.

We have already seen quite a few applications which will work out some way or the other to let you not pay directly and more for messaging. There are websites offering services for free.

Still, there is the ease missing. I won’t go to my phone, fire up a web browser, punch in the name of site, login and then type and hit send… for just a text. I would like to have something as easy as typing and hitting the send.

And it could send everything from text to images, group message, live chat. I am sure they will be working to add audio and video sharing functionalities as well.

BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, iMessage for iOS devices and some applications like WhatsApp messenger would do the same but with some exclusivity.

I can’t message my BlackBerry friend or one with Android device from my iPhone unless we all have some common cross-platform application.

Apple, BlackBerry are closed platforms and you will have to rely on a third party to solve the issue of cross-platform messaging that includes text, image.

Facebook Messanger for iPhone and Android (I am sure they will make it available to all the phones with data connection in very near future), currently only in US, solve that issue and charge nothing.

Now, I don’t need a pin or to go to a website to do all. Facebook Messenger for iPhone will let me do that all, save all my messaging and chat history and will buzz me whenever someone sends me something.

FB Messenger or FBM allows you to interact with not only your Facebook contacts but to anyone on your phonebook with a Facebook account and a registered phone number.

What is Facebook Messenger and what does it do?

FBM is a dynamic messaging application which allows for individual messaging, group chats, send photos and share your location privately.

Google+ was smarting by taking FB’s features in it and Facebook secretly jumped ahead with this brilliant step.

FBM is a trimmed down version of Facebook app which allows you to deliver your messages right on to your contact’s phone without charging anything.

Apart from access to your Facebook chats, it also allows you a one-click/tap access to your messages on phone, customise your groups with image and share location with images.

What to expect in Facebook Messenger or FBM in very recent future?

It should be available to all the Facebook users across the globe.

Given the faster data services, it should add audio and video sharing functionalities soon.

It should be available to every phone that has a data connection as the application uses the internet connection of your phone.


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