Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare, and the conspiracy theories

#0: BCCI is doing this all #1: USA is behind all this #2: Facebook is getting lots of money from it #3: Ye Congress ki nayi chaal hai #4: Media is behind all #5: Congress wanted to use Anna to poison Raja, Kalmadi and other ‘ultra corrupts’ in Tihar

First thing first, this post has no serious content so don’t search for it, else you might end up finding nothing.

Second, I am not a fan of Anna Hazare or his ways nor a fan of the government.

Introduction: Jan Lokpal Bill says… whatever it says is not my concern. To me the prime ambition, at least apparent one, of Anna Hazare is to force government to listen to him else he will die fasting. Fare enough, constitution gives him that right.

So, there are thousands of people behind Anna, online, offline and in the line outside Ramlila Maidan and as they say, “all roads lead to Ramlila” where it will be Anna lila.

Let’s see what the researchers (who have nothing to do) say about the possible reasons of this.

Conspiracy theories:

#0: BCCI is doing this all.May be yes! They must have cut players’ salary to heavily invest in this so that Pawar, being a Mahrastrian like Anna, gets to become PM and nominate Sachin, another Marathi, for Bharat Ratna! this explains their poor show in England.

God! This is the best reason!

#1: USA is behind all this. That’s a credible shot at guessing. Because anyway, anything goes wrong in the world USA is always there. And now they have said they have no hand, makes it more conspicuous. I am told the day these credit rating agencies like S&P and Morgan Stanley etc have downgraded US and upgraded India, Obama has planned it then itself. Anyway, Obama is a black guy, so blame him for all this.

I hate Obama.

#2: Facebook is getting lots of money from it. Yes, that’s one of the greatest ways to make money suddenly. So let’s all blame this young Mark Zukerbeeg for all the unrest in the world. He did it in Egypt and Syria as well. Money makes you stoop so low! What has happened to these rich people.

#3: Ye Congress ki nayi chaal hai. This sounds authentic one. See, Congress will first vehemently oppose it, Sonia absent, it leaves a lot of scope for sympathy votes.

Sonia comes from USA (one of the co conspirators) and after a core group meeting decides to agree to Anna’s demands. And asks Rahul Gandhi to announce it. Thus outwitting BJP once more and preparing a perfect ground for our nation’s only hope the young-at-40 prime ministerial candidate, the charismatic… Rahul Gandhi.

#4: Media is behind all. Good possibility. This is to squeeze money from all those MNCs by making Anna Hazare, Lokpal bill etc trend every day on online media. That will earn lot of money to indian websites and make our country rich.

Media also wants some of its old anchors, who never allow other panelists to speak, exhaust themselves by telling them to cover every single bit of the ‘historic movement’. Arnav Goswami and likes of him may have no ‘sound balance’ after it.

#5: Congress wanted to use Anna to poison Raja, Kalmadi and other ‘ultra corrupts’ in Tihar. I don’t know about this, time will tell for itself. But this seems credible enough. First get them killed then show the world that Anna is bad ass and movement is gone.

#6: stop it… How many theories you need.


4 thoughts on “Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare, and the conspiracy theories

  1. I actually had been exploring for creative
    concepts for my own blog site and stumbled upon ur blog post, “Jan
    Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare, and the conspiracy theories | the naked mind”, do you really care in the event I personally implement several of your
    points? With thanks ,Danae

  2. There is a serious doubt on the Anna Hazare campaign… Congress again outwitted BJP!!!.. Initially Congress blamed that Anna’s team is wearing a mask & actually BJP is hiding behind it… Slowly the campaign was allowed to gain momentum… at the tipping point Rahul gandhi was introduced…. There was no other way that congress could come back to power..It was a playground to groom Rahul Gandhi & fool lakhs of indians in the name of sentimental topic of Anna.

    Stage 1 was the elimination of YSR(who was a strong competition for Rahul inside congress)
    ..Stage 2 Rahul being projected as a saviour of farmers & now the
    Stage 3 the fire sale..India against corruption.


  3. I think Anna is doing all this to get a marriage proposal from someone like Deepika Padukone, because he heard that Rakhi Sawant offered to marry Baba Ramdev after hearing about his fasting heroisms!

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