A phone that is ‘my way’; Android, BB, iOS in one


At a time when the technology is at its prime with lots of innovations happening every now and then, I have a wish related to mobile phones.

In plain words all I want is a universal set of hardware and software with consumer having the ability to choose.

Today we have lots of phones: mobile phones, music phones, smart phones, gaming phones, super phones, camera phones, social media phones, Internet phones et al.

Lots of companies are into manufacturing these phones which have one great feature as their USP and some other good ones along with the general things that phones are supposed to do- make and receive calls and text messages.

Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, BlackBerry, HTC and Apple are some leading manufacturers which are offering some mind-blowing and cool features.

If one studies or uses these phones, one can easily find that these phones vary from having a different set of hardware and software which solves almost the same purpose with some added quality.

For instance, some phone will have 512 MB RAM and 1 Ghz processor and some will have relatively less powerful one but will do same things- make call, text, games, emails, imaging etc.

People are confused with this all. Some find blackberry to be awesome and some say Apple is unmatched. Whereas some say Nokia has the great ease of use and to some, Samsung is value for money.

A user wants his/her phone to work the way a phone is supposed to. So why not have a phone that can do all of this ‘my way’?

Let’s imagine that one goes to a shop and buys a hardware (smart phone) which has a good screen, speakers, fast processor, different radios like GPS, Wi-Fi and FM, camera etc.

User comes out and want the phone should run Apple software and the phone does that. Then, he wishes to switch to BlackBerry and voila… That’s a BlackBerry now!

I am talking about a time when the user becomes the sole decider of what to use and when to use without having to limit him/herself with one company and regret that ‘oh I bought it on my friend’s recommendation and it doesn’t look good to me’.

Let’s think of an universal OS which is not only light on memory but has all the features of BlackBerry, iOS, Android and others. Let the users decide if he/she want BBM on his/her Android enabled iPhone or gorgeous UI of Apple on his BlackBerry.

Universal UIImagine a phone that has customisable OS with a hardware that takes good photos, browses web, sounds good to ears and responds to your commands real fast.

Imagine a phone that can download your favourite Nokia Snakes on your BlackBerry or the awesome Angry Birds on Samsung!

Phone can be manufactured by different manufacturers and they should be sold to consumers. When a sim is inserted it should ask the user to download a universal OS from the clouds.

The cloud technology should give the users an ample amount of space to keep his/her files hence the phone’s working won’t be hampered by overload on memory.

Imagine all the games and applications are downloadable to all the devices because there will be an universal OS.

A phone that could have BlackBerry encryption with Android’s freedom an Apple’s ease of use!

That will be a phone that can be called a super phone.


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