Three awesome blogging apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android

In an online world, all of us are some sort of writers. Our writing may be as small as an SMS, tweet or a status message on Facebook and it can be big enough to drain all our ideas on any topic.

Another common thing with our generation is smartphones with Internet connection. At a time where almost all the handset are coming with the power to interact with the online world, many of us are uncertain and indifferent to what a simple phone can do.

Let’s move on to average users who use their smart phones to be online and connected and be ‘social’ by sharing whatever they wish.

Assuming that our generation has got used to some basic Internet usage such as networking and mails among other things. Blogging is one of the ways to keep your writing ability alive as well as invite readers’ comments to improve it.

Many of us do not blog frequently because it is cumbersome to open a laptop and write and post.

Here, I would like to bring three cool and awesome blogging tools for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android based handsets.

WordPress: WordPress is a free blogging tool for iphone, BlackBerry and Android and works like breeze. Clean interface, ease of use, no clutter and mind draining activities to post a blog.

Just download the app for your respective phones, sign in with your WordPress account, choose new post, write the content and publish it with one tap.

You can add images and see the preview of the blog in real time. It also gives you the ability to moderate comments that are on your blog. As it is clutter free, blogs can be published, edited and deleted as per your wish.

You can also view the stats for your blog with how many visitors come, what are they searching etc.

WordPress app for mobile is available for almost all the phones like Nokia and Sony along with the above mentioned phones.

Blogger: Google has just announced its popular blogging app for iPhone. Blogger for Android has already come in June and Blogger for BlackBerry should arrive in very near future.

Blogger app for iPhone and Android allows the simple ability to compose a text and image based post on your mobile phone and publish it on the go. It has a clean and eye-soothing interface and is fast.

Download the blogger app for your phone, sign in with your google ID and you are ready to go. You can edit, delete and view all the blogs that you ever posted on Blogger or It syncs all your posts on the desktop or mobile as and when you login. So you can leave a post on computer and open it on phone to publish or edit.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have either of the two Blogger app enabled phones, you can still post your blogs from any Internet enabled device. Your Nokia, LG, Sony phones can use this service free.

Just go to your mail, write/paste your content, attach images and send the mail to and your post will be up there on your blog. Obviously, you will have to register your blog and mail at for one time which is easy and free.

Cover it Live: or CiL for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android is one of the coolest and awesome blogging tool. Cover it Live is not a simple blogging tool but a ‘live blogging tool’ which is very handy while you are attending a concert, event or any happening where you have to update frequently.

It is a great tool which allows you to post text, images, audio clips and video clips right on any website or blog (if you integrate the code there. How to do that? Sign up at and look for ‘demo’ tab.).

The best part is that the user need not refresh the webpage on the computer or mobile while reading the live blog. It keeps getting refreshed with each update you post. You can create poll, allow comments, tweets and interact with the users in real time.

It becomes a handy live blogging tool for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android with its easy to use UI and dynamic abilities to live blog any event.

It’s a great tool for journalists who want to update events as it happens rather after it’s over. It is also handy at a place where you are not allowed to carry laptops or you have space crunch, no Wi-Fi access. Your phone can be versatile with its camera, audio recording and Internet connection.

Third party blogging tools: Other blogging tools are available for these smartphones as well. They are basically third party blogging apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry which give you some added advantages over the official apps.

Blogbooster, blogwriter and other third party apps gives you the ability to do some simple text formatting like bold, italics, underline etc and are free if you have only one blog to update. For multiple blogs you will have to pay.

Third party apps become handy if you want some abilities like posting one content on all your blogs, word formatting, sharing on social networking sites on the go.

So those were three blogging tools or apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android which make blogging on-the-go as simple as it can be.


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