Ten greatest quotes on iPhone by internationally famous personalities

Here are ten greatest quotes ever uttered by some internationally known and respected individuals on the revolutionary iPhone.

1. When the whole world sleeps India awakes to share it’s freedom on Facebook via iPhone. (JL Nehrooo on 15/08)

2. Tum mujhe khoon do, mai tumhe iPhone dunga. (you give me blood, I will give you an iPhone) (Subhash Chandra Bose, this crowd puller almost gave independence to India)

3. Is nazakat ka bura ho wo bhale hain to kya
Haath aaye to unhe haath lagaye na baney (Mirza Ghalib speaking about the beauty of iPhone that it’s so awesome that I don’t want to touch it)

4. iPhone hamara janmsiddh adhikaar hai aur hum usey lekar rahenge. ( LL Rai on the banks of Raavi when he came to know about this great phone)

5. A new iPhone for an iPhone only ends up making the whole world awesome. (MK Gandhi) Not to forget the famous ‘iPhone March’ by Gandhi and his followers when he famously remarked, “angrezo, humey iphone do ya, Bharat chhodo!”

6. A man who won’t die for an iPhone is not fit to live. ( Martin Luther King, Jr. )

7. Mere paas iPhone hai… (and Shashi Kapoor with his Maa left for Badrinath dhaam) (Amitabh in famous film Deewar)

8. A picture is worth a thousand words. and an iPhone can store thousands of them. (Napoleon Bonaparte, he didn’t live long to see the iPhone release in France)

9. He alone, who owns the iPhone, gains the future. (Adolf Hitler)

10. It’s awesome! ( Steve Jobs)

#as you would have noticed all the facts are made up.


One thought on “Ten greatest quotes on iPhone by internationally famous personalities

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