Sainik School Tilaya: Not a school, but a lifestyle

Where do you find a school where there is no concept of homework for the day. You are not supposed to carry books to home in vacations. You are supposed to eat 5 times and change your dress 5 times. You are required to hone one of your skills to perfection and many others to keep you up in all walks of life.

Where is a school which makes you good at everything you touch! For I know many of my batchmates who even after being settled in Armed forces, Civils, Medicine, Engineering et al are capable of weaving chair, sculpture, woodcraft, cane furniture, painting and many sports apart from the leaders in their fields.

The name is Sainik School Tilaiya. I love my school more than anything in my life and I am proud to be doing that. It’s a temple of learning where a student is just a student. We never cared who is from which section of society, which caste, which religion… because in all those years we were never ever taught or even had a chance to listen anything about it from anywhere.

I loved that environment. It is the place where I would love to spend any number of days.

I would love to be slapped by my seniors, walk in cock-position, chair position with bricks all over body, front rolls and side rolls, samosas, egg rolls, Diwali bombings, being a senior, White bedsheet, White pillows, 79 cm TV, 110 mtr long halls of dormitory, Asia’s second largest mess with world’s greatest food, Col. Gadeok Stadium, IH competitions, Chai and Pakoda for winning teams, special Lunch and dinners, hillock area, dry swimming pool, pingpong ball cricket…

I love you my Alma Mater, I love you and I live you Sainik School Tilaiya, I love you dear Tilaiyans.

#dedicated to all Tilaiyans on Sainik School Tilaiya’s 48th Founder’s Day on September 16 2011


17 thoughts on “Sainik School Tilaya: Not a school, but a lifestyle

  1. Charles Darwin proposed “Survival of the Fittest” and our school, the might SST, make it practical. Being a tilaiyan has always been and will always be the proudest thing attached to me.

    Very Nicely written…..

  2. Thanks Ajeet for posting it. No body could describe those seven years in such a brief and crisp phrases. Well, there is a lot more to cherish, though particularly related to an individual or a group of people, such as after lunch county-cricket inside the dormitory and so forth. However the numbers are endless and therefore can not be scribbled down in a page or so. I know a volume of books would not also suffice for it. But still a humble request to you to publish a book in the near future, which could elaborate on the typical “Lifestyle inside SST” or you can say in a broader sense a typical “Tilaiyan Lifestyle”.Thank you very much.

  3. Well written sir. It was actually the best moments of life. I was born a Homo Sapiens, but SST made me a human being. Every moment is still fresh in my memories. Truly its not a school but a life style…..

  4. Do they get dressed only 5 times a day now a days??? For us it was even higher. Yet I love it till now because even if I am late to wake, I am never late to office. Thanx SST.

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