Aircel to bring iPhone 4S in India priced around Rs 40,000

Aircel has announced that it will be bringing the latest version of the iPhone- the Apple iPhone 4S in India on November 25. The news was first reported on its Facebook page and subsequently on its website.

Aircel will take the pre-orders for iPhone 4S in India from November 18, 2011 for all the three variants of the phone- 16GB, 32GB, 64GB.

It is expected that the new iPhone 4S will be priced beyond Rs 35,000 for the 16GB and might cross Rs 50,000 for the top end model.

It is also expected that Airtel will announce the iPhone 4S for India soon and will price it at par with Aircel.

The latest iPhone, which was the last in the lifetime of late Steve Jobs, has got rave reviews and record breaking sell figures in the US as well as other countries where it was launched.

Airtel and Aircel will also bring the iPhone 4 8GB and price it around Rs 30,000. This mark can go lesser if the companies take some aggressive pricing to boost the sale of iPhone 4S.

As of now, the low end iPhone 3GS is sold at Rs 20,000 in India and it would make sense if the iPhone 4 is priced somewhere between 28-30,000.

The price of iPhone 4S in India can be an issue given the fact that Apple doesn’t have a great fan base here. Apart from the fact that Android phone makers like Samsung, HTC are offering good value for money with many features, Blackberry’s low end model like Curve and Curve 3G have been selling like hot cakes.

We don’t expect long lines and people camping for iPhones here in India but do hope that it makes an impact to those who are the ‘die hard’ fans and don’t want to compromise on the sheer brilliance of an Apple device.


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