‘Tilaiya ke Taliban’: Another look at Sainik School Tilaiya video

Last week was of a lot of news about Sainik School Tilaiya, my alma mater. There is a video showing some seniors belting juniors and making them do push ups. The video runs in ‘indefinite replay’.

Let me give you some perspective: There are some students in couloured clothing in the evening. White shorts and their respective ‘house colour’ shirts. Some other students, seniors, are taking rounds with belt in their hands and making sure that the belt is touching bums of juniors at regular intervals.

Giving you another perspective: The name is Sainik School Tilaiya with a sub title: ‘A nursery for the future officers of India Army, Navy, and Air Force’. It’s not an MCD run government school and it has some really tough standards of discipline.

That doesn’t mean I am justifying the belting thing. Being an ex-student I know that the mass punishment is a general thing in these schools.

Now, the question is: is this a right thing?

Let me tell you another fact about our National Defence Academy where Inidan defence officers are trained. They get cycles to do things but most of the time they are seen carrying it on their shoulders. There is 22 km cross country run and a camp, before they graduate, which has been called inhumane by the United Nations human rights body.

Apart from that the daily training that the cadets go through is just not great to hear or see. Every cadet feels like running home in the very first month.

But not every cadet runs back home. Some do and perhaps never able to look at themselves in the mirror.

There is a particular place for every one. Sainik Schools are not like some Israel where you have to do your mandatory Army service. It’s a choice that you want to make. It’s not a place to sharpen your academics but it makes you a survivor.

It enables you to keep standing in any kind of situation even in your boyhood. It’s a part of the lifestyle at the school and over a period of time boys start enjoying that.

Have you ever run 12 km race regularly, played basketball for 4 hours on a trott, been a part of the conditioning of 2 hours every morning, not seen fat persons on the campus…

Man handling and belting is certainly something which should not be boasted. I have seen this all and every single year some 90-100 boys that pass out have seen that too. They lived to all this and walk out proud. Still I get a high when I learn that someone is from my school. He earns a feeling of respect right away.

The routine is such that it is hard for every single boy entering the campus to live up to it at the start but as the days pass and when we see officers in uniform, ex-students returning to tell the tale of their being there it gives us all a high to be doing that which they have all done.

It is not a place for everyone as every one can’t be an engineer or police man or a teacher. All of us have a lust to be the one which we aspire and perhaps are best to be. If you are not good enough for that hardship, just don’t fill the form.

There are a lot of school which are way better at academics than Sainik School Tilaiya. It’s not a school for going to IITs, AIIMS (although many of us do qualify for their) or become scientists… It’s a place to become an all rounder.

You know how to weave a chair, win the national art championships, national science Olympiads, good sports persons… You know a many things. You become many individuals in one body.

That body ought to be tough to ignore the comments, thrash your opponents by punch or just the talks, be creative, see what others don’t, play football and score 90% (some of us do that very well), be a singer, stand up comedian…

All these in one…

That body should be tough and mind be not fragile to hold so many things in one place.

And for that, one chooses how to craft himself. These are petty issues which are being blown too far.

The video doesn’t make too much sense. To an ‘outsider’ who hasn’t spent time there, it will be ‘third degree torture’, ‘Taliban’ or any thing which pops out of the limited vocabulary.

But just remember that video is on ‘indefinite replay’ mode.


24 thoughts on “‘Tilaiya ke Taliban’: Another look at Sainik School Tilaiya video

  1. toughness is required for an officer in defence… for which we get trained.
    but belting should be avoided.

    if you cant manage here then leave the school.

  2. Ya its right………… Kuch paane k liye kuch khona padta hai!
    These physical activities are the base to devlope students for there future and if there is no base you can just compare the situation with any building without its base.
    These punishment and all r just for the bondings between seniors and juniors which is one of the most important factor of discipline in the students..
    And these all could only be understood by TILAIYANS and some others great persons n everyone couldnt be called as GREAT.


  3. Look at the bonding of same inmates when they are out of school. Just Sainik Sachhol name is enough to bind them in unity and die and sacrifice for others.

  4. Rightly said news will have its natural death. Lets not react beyond what it warrants….media “knows it all” – they pronounce judgement much before a court does….they have assumed the role of every pilar function of the society….and above all they know who is Taliban and who is not. Why can’t they also come out with accomplishments of our great institution and sacrifices of highest orders. It’s part of their profession….that’s how people have adjusted to their super hypes.

    Certainly man handling is not to be glorified but outsiders shouldn’t forget that they are kids and sometimes get carried away. School must act tough to that extent and I’m sure they will.

    Forward ever!

  5. Ponder upon it ,Wt they saying “TILAIYA KA TALIBAN”…….???
    Just think about these burning topics published by a half burned mind ,it means itz nt a issue limited among institutions ,state and country ,ri8..?..moreover, it is an international issue….U.N council should give attention on these matters as the terrorist are being trained in India ,in sainik school ,and some of them talented ,qualified and patriot terrorist are in there in Indian army ,,some of them immortals even sacrificed their life against Talibani terrorist infact….so that every child in our country can blossom and flourish themselves and their imaginative ,motivational ideas for the betterment of Nation ,but i have shame on those who has destructive imagination and motivation,i.e -Media of our country.
    HA HA HA !
    Obviously ,it is clear in our mind that those culprits ,media person, who published these head lines for attracting more nd more eyes ,suffering from a high mental disorder and T.R.P mania….

  6. Thanks all for your comments. We have a tradition of great human beings and a great school. Hope we all live to it.

    Though we shouldnt endorse man handling and belting but at the same time the media should not make an issue out of it as if it was a daily routine.

    As some of you said that an outsider cant understand it, so lets leave it to them. This issue is going to die within a week.

  7. Very well written sir. We all agree with you that we dont justify manhandling. However it is not right on part of media to just highlight the negative part of story.

  8. I fully agree with Arvind, in our time we also enjoyed this phase, but anyhow i m proud of my school who has given me right path and to become a good citizen, we must have some tolerance power, we should nt go to some darker side of an institution, it gives more than some misbehavior of some seniors.

  9. awsome slap on the face of our detractors……we r all proud of our almameter….three cheers for sst…hip-hip…hurray…(3)…..!!!!

  10. Sir,
    ur desciption is fantastic.. it reminded me all d unforgettable moments of that incredible place..
    infact i ws having goose hairs in excitement in between:)
    one msg to all who criticized our bloved school..
    Bandar kya jane adrak ka swad;)

  11. It is really a write-up to appreciate. And really people who have never been to such situation or training, would not understand. People outside (civilians) just have one aim – “naukri kar ke paisa kamaana hai”. Many of them don’t have logic to why think so.

    I was so shattered to see the “media cooking” of the video. This is a nice answer. Thanks

  12. sahi hai bhai, mera main mudda hai ki mobile kahan say unlogo k pass pehle yeh pta kiya jaye and if it is a regular practice now then please give them a good mass punishment so they will not even a dummy one.

  13. This is really a good reply to those who are in process to defame our alma mater(2nd parents). Let the wind blow against us we will be further strengthen.
    These types of news and bullshit comments will not deter our school from going forward…….FORDEVER

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