Prostitutes are as good as teachers or doctors

(Only objective individuals and those above 18 are advised to read further)

This might well be a scandalous statement to make but what’s so wrong in it? Why a porn star or a prostitute be not regarded as a professional as a doctor, engineer or any so called ‘good’ profession.

The logic is who and why do we decide one job to be good and one to be bad! We look down at a cleaner’s job just because he cleans our toilets but if he/she doesn’t come around we start fretting!

There is a job which needs to be done and as Gandhi said, ‘no work is small or mean’. A teacher uses his/her mouth and intellect to add value to a human mind and free students from their preoccupations, prejudices making them objective individuals.

In the same way a prostitute or a sex worker uses her/his organs to relieve people of their stress or provide a sense of pleasure which one wants. What’s so wrong about treating them as equal part of the society?

When a politician uses his/her mouth to make fake promises playing on the minds of thousands of individuals, we still make them sit into the temple of democracy but a sex worker, irrespective of her nature and humane-ness is regarded as someone (or better say some’thing’) mean and disgusting.

To me a prostitute is as good as any of us and should be held at the same pedestal as any CEO or teacher or an engineer.

Giving names and instilling a negative definition in the mental set up of a society is highly prejudiced and irrelevant. It’s a simple case of hypocrisy when one secretly desires to have sex, some do it frequently ditching their own wives, and still feel that these people are ‘bad’ and not something that one should aspire to be.

I would rather be a prostitute who is honest to his clients than the star who sleeps on convenience but projects himself as a handsome gentleman.

Sex is as integral to a society as the human beings itself. You can’t do away with it. It’s a basic need of our being. And not all get to have sex as and when they wish. So what’s wrong and disgusting in sleeping with someone who is willing to offer his/her services for a few bucks.

We dream to get into bed with many celebrities and that never occurs filthy to us but visiting a prostitute makes us loathe others as if it is out of the world and highly debase.

The hypocrisy and a society, quite good at repression in uniformity and abundance, shapes our opinion in a way that we hardly ever realise that we are thinking and perceiving as a section of individual, equally a victim of his predecessors, makes us to.

The male dominated society takes it as a pride to have slept with so many women but the moment he realise that his girlfriend or wife has been even trying to talk in a friendly manner to someone, he feels uneasy.

Why? If you like to go around satisfying your body needs and pleasuring yourself in different ways then why not let the other sex do the same!

Sex has been made a taboo where as to me it is as normal as breathing. If you don’t have sex at an age when you ought to have it, you start soiling your underwear. It’s nature’s way to ask you to go and behave normally which has been marked as ‘abnormal’, and ‘insane’.

The sane countries which have started thinking freely and objectively have made it legal. But a few others, like our India, who believe in the ‘enriching’ and ‘enlightened’ culture stayed away, keeping it illegal.

But all of us know that every single district has a ‘red light area’ and all the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ visit their regularly.

We should be ashamed of ourselves of neglecting and demeaning a profession so integral, so ancient and so rejuvenating as prostitution.

It’s high time that we start respecting individuals as individuals irrespective of what profession they are in. These individuals, who you look down, do possess a heart of gold and, may be, are much more honest than us.

Here is a good read from a great writer, Bertolt Brecht, ‘The good person of Szechwan’ which might change your opinion.


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