Deep inside we are all one Mr Bean

I hope most of us know who Mr Bean is. He is one of the legendary characters of our generation who made us laugh with his slapstick humour and silent comedy series. (not to forget the films and James Bond parodies)

Rowan Atkinson is the name of the person we all know as Mr Bean. His buffoonery and mannerisms make us laugh our hearts out.

But he is not just what he does. I see him as an attack on the so called civilised white race with the ‘burden’. He denounces the very concept of the ‘etiquette system’ which is pushed into us by our parents and society.

‘Dont do it like this, don’t do it like that, don’t sneeze in public, don’t blow your nose with noise, don’t fart, don’t make noise with the spoons’ and all other ‘civilised’ etiquettes that we ought to follow.

These ‘ways and manners’ of a civilised society takes our nature out and throws it to the guillotine of civic sense.

Mr Bean blasts off that myth. He is a strange combination of what we actually are and what we project ourselves to be. And whenever he has a window he forgets the civic sense. He will just come raw blowing his nose quite hard, park in such a way that it’s difficult for anyone to open the gates and many other things.

And not to forget the locks on the gates of his beautiful parrot green car, the key of which rests on the engine which opens with a key that is kept in the back of the car the key to which lies in his pocket!!!

He is helpful (trying to make the heart attack patient walk again by giving him electric shock from the light pole on street) as well as selfish and unaware of the consequences that might occur if he steals the battery power from an ambulance that is carrying an emergency!

He is innocent and hence fearful and so, he does things that are weird. He is not stupid but his stupidity is a result of our expectations. We want people to behave in a certain way, we want him to report on time else miss the doctor’s appointment. So he comes out of the car with his pajama peeping from his fly.

Mr Bean teaches us that all that we need to do is what we want and I derive that if all of us let our Beans out, world will be less pretentious and honest.

Our lifestyle and expectations make him sit awkwardly in a five star restaurant and consume food which he doesn’t like but does so because waiter thinks that’s the best dish of that restaurant. And the result… He will slip the food in that lady’s handbag that lies next to him.

His mannerisms are an out and out attack on the hypocrisy of individuals who are unwittingly forced in pleasing people around us… Like praising our friends when he/she gets into a relationship every single time not realising that he/she is unstable and needs a break.

Look at a child who doesn’t know that the mirror shows his/her reflection and he keeps smiling and wondering that why someone is doing whatever he/she does. Or just see him running aimlessly and hit a wall and trying again. He/she will pee comfortably in anyone’s arms and give you a smile at his/her accomplishment.

As we grow we get polluted with knowledge. We are made to act in a certain way that is ‘accepted’. We are preparing robots and mechanising the individuals with our fake and generally irrational commands.

Society needs honest opinion and actions to move forward. It’s the originality without any kind of appeasement policy that makes a better society.

We need to nurture Mr Beans and let them sprout and make an environment where they can co-exist without being laughed at just because he blows his nose hard!


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