Outrageously beautiful, ferociously ambitious

And then came the sudden question, “Will it be cool for you if we go for a cup of….”

Who the hell is interested in listening what she said next. I took a space ship to moon and was back just in time when she said, “…coffee?”

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There are but a very few men and women in whom nature bestows its bounty in extremes. Those people are a class of their own leaving others to simply marvel at their inside matter. They stand apart and the only adjectives that define or prefix them are the superlatives of the class.

The other day, when I went to one of my friends room to see him, I had to wait at the door for a while before he could come and let me in. And, while I was standing, I saw two girls, in all their innocence and playfulness, giggling after hitting each other in butts! I was taken aback when our eyes met. The girls would keep turning back to see me and pass a rather loud ‘smile’!

I asked my friend to come out with me. Three times those two girls would meet me in a span of three minutes and, at most, 15 meters radius. And every time pass a smile! Anyway, I left her there itself.

But next day, back from the office and I went to the same area again. But to no avail, they won’t be there. Actually I was looking for the one in Santa hat. Three days on trot I kept roaming that periphery but she won’t show up. I tried once more, and bingo! There she was! There was a smile again. That sodium light made her look weirdly pale with a shade of violet. But I knew the artificial lights were hiding the natural ‘her’.

I asked her, “Do you find me weird? Why do you smile at me all the time?”

She smiled back. This was utter idiocy on my part, I thought, to ask her such a question. I could have asked her for a cup of coffee instead! I was left confused with her answer smile. Wondering whether that was an answer or a question to me! Let me fix it tomorrow, I thought as I walked back after another unsuccessful attempt.

It was not love… not at all. I just liked her smiling face (and butt hitting as well, but mostly the smile!) Fifth day I was again roaming in her area and as expected she showed up.

“What do you want?” she asked straight.

I would have said, “Sex!!!”, but held on. I said, “Answer to my question”, as we started walking.

“What question? Why do I smile at you?” she paused and said, “You saw us doing that ‘weird’ thing!”

“Hitting butts? That was not weird.” I replied.

We passed a beam of white light and then, to my widened eyes, I saw her… as beautiful as one can be! She was outrageously beautiful! And that’s what I told her, “Don’t slap me lady, but you are outrageously beautiful!!!”

“I won’t… but it’s the most unique compliment I had ever heard… Outrageously beautiful…”, she kept on repeating that expression. Seeing that everything is smooth and I hadn’t been hit, I gathered courage and started talking nonsense in order to justify my words which appeared to me from the blue, spontaneously.

I had suffered these ‘nervous disorders’ while meeting woman at least three times when I would go totally blank and utter phrases that no one gets even close to! It wasn’t love as yet. We kept on walking and I was totally ‘on’ her after recovering from breakdown. I slipped into sensible talking (and as one of my friends had said to me that the moment you start talking sense to a girl, she will say to herself, “God! This guy is intelligent… Get away fast!”) and I was convinced that she was giving me a serious audience.

And then came the sudden question, “Will it be cool for you if we go for a cup of….” Who the hell is interested in listening what she said next. I took a space ship to moon and was back just in time when she said, “…coffee?” But you have to show that you too are ‘busy’ and stuff…! I took out my rather elegant phone, the iPhone, fired up the calendar app and with a serious face, switching with anxious from time to time, asked, “Will Sunday noon be okay?”

“Yes, that should be fine. I am free all the day.” she said pushing me to make the walk longer. Weirdly enough, we were not asking each other what were our names or what were we doing. Still, hitting the right notes and it was a packed poetry. Like something well rehearsed n number of times.

I was in awe of her beauty and was not interested in the secondary elements. She was elegance personified… a walking poetry where you could not alter a single syllable. Perfect in proportions, within and without. Voice, walk, composure, attitude and looks… all carefully packaged in one beautiful being.

She was like that maroon flower of the ‘ol’ plant (the root of which is eaten in northIndia) which appears rarely, but is so beautiful that it leaves an imprint of nature’s imagination in physical form on your mind forever. I had dated and seen quite a few beautiful women but she was several notches above. It was not love, but the idea of sex had disappeared in the beam of that white light. She appeared to fire up the ‘dead’ feelings inside me.

Love doesn’t pop-up, it happens. At times fast and at times slow… You can’t force yourself in to love. It takes place inside you and over you. It has its own speed. It is not an action but an experience which happens over you, taking your being to a whole new level. She and I kept talking about the moon and how the polluted horizon had made it hazy. The walk was about to end as the moon took a hiding in the trees.

I promised her to meet for the coffee. She enquired about my name, and I thought it would be a good idea to ask her number but dropped it saying, “Leave the name for the coffee table. I will pick you up from this very place.”

To be continued….

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