Outrageously beautiful, ferociously ambitious Part 3

She laughed and as the bike raced she leaned on to my back putting her hands around my chest. Her face (one half) was resting on the back of my shoulder.

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The moment that bite of ice cream entered my mouth it reminded me of Gulazar’s words, “वो क़तरा क़तरा पिघल रही है, मैं क़तरा क़तरा जी रहा हूँ…” It felt not the cold ice cream but a part of burning passion giving itself away into me. It was life dripping inside me from the tip of my tongue.

I was lost.

That bite made me remember the method of eating a ‘Bournvillé’ chocolate which is written on the wrapper: close your eyes, hold the bar, take a bite, keep it on the tip of tongue and let it melt, feel the chocolate… I felt that ice cream… and the feeling was good.

Suddenly I found a cold sensation on my cheeks. It was her fingers holding me lower jaw and shaking it gently to bring me back in the coffee shop.

“Sorry. I got lost in the ice cream. It was amazing. It was like…” I went on before she cut me off.

“Hold on…. Hold on… Get back to normalcy before someone accuses me if practicing witchcraft.” she said with a gentle giggle and asked, “Won’t you ask me how did that ice cream felt to me?”

That was it, I thought. She is completely in to me. Oh my God! I left my imagination rein-free. And they got wild. I gathered my wits and asked (quite enthusiastically), “Yes, how was it? How did that feel?”

She said with a coiled voice as she had a bite in mouth, “Sweet and like an ice cream should be…”

Carelessly as if she didn’t know what I wanted to listen. It was water all around and I could spot my rein-free imagination desperately trying to survive but they did not. They sunk.

“Oh boy, look at you… Look at you!!! Was that heart breaking?” she said mimicking a mom trying to calm down her baby.

“Heart wrenching will be more apt, I suppose…”, I said with a straight face followed by a smile so that I don’t sound desperate.

“Ha ha ha!” she laughed like Mahabharata warriors which sounded to me like Ravan (even Ra.One) laughing while crushing his enemies.

“Here’s your coffee sir. And Here’s yours ma’am”, waiter said and left.

It smelled good. As I was about to take the sip, another proverb got practical: there are many a slips between the cup and the lip. She caught my hand and took the cup. And the next moment she swapped the coffee cups.

“Why don’t you try my taste…” she said with a blink of the left eye.

“God! She is trying to… God! That’s an open invitation…” I talked to myself.

“With pleasure mademoiselle…” I said as I took the coffee in my hand. Not to mention my limited, rather extremely limited, vocabulary of French words.

We started sipping the coffee with looking in to each other’s eyes. Though mine are smaller (but my last girlfriend thought they were expressive), hers were big and clear as crystal. For a moment I was so inside her eyes that I thought it must be her retina and cornea and all the terms that I ever read related to eyes.

“Did you take the sugar in coffee? I didn’t. I just, kind of, missed it”, she said after our eyes had looked each other’s enough.

“I… I, generally, don’t take sugar. That spoils the taste of the coffee.” I tried to cover up and make her feel that she was lost in me.

“I was lost into your eyes. Those are quite…”

“…expressive”, I completed her.

“Yes. That was what I was going to say. How did you guess that?”, she enquired in a bit of amazement.

“Well… Your eyes gave that to me…” I said smiling and then thought, “Was it cheesy and typical lover’s phrase?”

She smiled back and did not say anything. Though, I was expecting (as I hear from some of the girls who don’t get me), “You are such a jerk! So cheap and cheesy!” And I have another witty answer to that, “No girl, you got me wrong. I am not cheap. I am free.” Sugar pouches were left untouched. We had finished our coffee. It left a bitter taste but sweet memory.

I looked at her, full of love. How do one look like that? It’s all practice.

Lower the gaze, just a mild smile with head tilted watching the edge of the table, (make sure she is looking towards you or will notice your face) move your head swiftly upwards, broaden the smile, look in the eyes and say anything that would please her. ‘You are beautiful’ is the easiest and gives guaranteed results. Girls get happy listening it.

Anyway, that was not what I said. But that would have been what I would have said had I not said her the same in my first meeting at night.

“Would the lady like to order something else or should we abandon these awesome moments?” I said looking into her eyes.

She smiled faintly as if it was an abortion of something beautiful.

“We will catch up soon. Don’t you worry…” I cheered her up as I called the waiter.

He brought us the bill and I slipped my card in.

“Sorry sir, we don’t accept card as of now. Card reader is not working.” waiter said with somewhat sad tone seeing my ruined face.

“What the hell… I don’t have much cash. In fact I don’t have any cash!!!” I murmured with regret.

That appeared to be a perfect spoiler for an otherwise great noon.

“Not to worry, I have the cash. Let me pay it.” she said smiling. She made sure I don’t have to argue, convince or request that waiter to do me a favour. She put a Rs 500 note and the waiter left. She looked at me and said, “It happens but that gives us a reason to meet again.”

“Sure. I will. We will dine together if you wish…” I said somewhat relieved of an awkward moment of leaving her and walking to the ATM or asking the waiter to do the same.

After collecting the change, we walked out towards my bike. Those few steps were enough for us to exchange lovely, mild glances and smiles. Everything was so soft. I tossed the keys to her. But she returned that to me and requested me to drive.

As I started the bike and was about to shift gears, she asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Sheela… Sheela ki jawani… Hi hi hi…” I joked like an idiot.

She laughed and as the bike raced she leaned on to my back putting her hands around my chest. Her face (one half) was resting on the back of my shoulder.

To be continued…


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