Of Loitham Richard and the likes

Manipuri student Loitham Richard allegedly died of some injuries that he sustained following a road accident on April 15. He died with bleeding from nose and mouth and the postmortem report suggests it to be a haemorrhage.

That was the official account of Loitham Richard’s death from the files of police. College authorities give the same reason and deny of any foul play. However, two on-campus students say that he was beaten by some other students to death.

Let’s not look at the which version is right and which one is wrong. The point is that one students in his youth dies. A son to a father and mother, a brother to his sister dies. And he is not the first one to die. We have seen them being raped, tortured, taunted, killed on a regular basis in the cities of India.

Branding the dead as a drug addict is a cheap shot. Even if someone is a drug addict we should ask ourselves the ‘why’ of that. If someone takes arms in his hands, it is we who should question ourselves.

India glorifies itself in the statement of ‘unity in diversity’ but to what extent? All Biharis are mannerless, North East people are drug addicts, Delhites take pride in abusing their parents, because she wears a skirt she is a slut….

The hate list and prejudices are limitless. We have made cardboard cut-outs for ourselves ignoring many other dimensions that human beings have. We dress elegantly, we put on nice shining shoes, we talk flawless English, we discuss about nation’s socio-political issues, we become Anna and vehemently swing Tricolour in the air to show that we are well educated Indians. But the moment we see a Manipuri guy speaking in his accented english we don’t hesitate to make fun of him. All the elegance is flushed to the drain.

Why this preoccupied notion that whole earth should behave the way you wish? Why do they swarm in abundance in the colleges in Delhi and other places? Why do they not interact with all of us and are limited to their own group?

It is because of our rotten behaviour towards them. They don’t have the same infrastructure back home and so they come to study here. There are a hell lot of problems back home and so they come here in search of better environment. Constitution allows us all to move freely with dignity. We have made it impossible for them to trust us and so they don’t want to talk to us.

Listen to their music, read their literature, look in their innocence, try talking to them and they will appear pleasing and as good as any of us.

How ghastly it is to hate and kill somebody just because he made a mistake and that he belonged to some particular region! And it is even more pathetic of ourselves when we hate just because of our ignorance about them.

If you ask some hater why does he do so, he will not have any answer. Because there cannot be an answer to this ridiculous behaviour.

These events which occur on regular basis should remind us that we are all human beings and are born to mothers who bear us all for 9 months irrespective of the region and language on the planet. They are not born premature, neither are they born without heart and brain that they are incapable of feeling and thinking and knowing the happenings around them.

We are all shameless and unfit to live.


2 thoughts on “Of Loitham Richard and the likes

  1. well!!! very truly said. there is no denying from the discrimination that everyone faces at some point of time somewhere, due to the biases against a community. but, here I have a complaint against the so called intelligentsia, who don’t hesitate in branding the incidents. It may be a road accident or may be the bad mind of some spoiled brat, but how does it raise the question of racial discrimination. a student caught cheating in exam and suicides…this reason may not be true…but it is certainly not an issue of racial discrimination or atrocities against ST or SC

    so the intelligentsia!!!!! please stop branding the crime and sensitizing the issue. i blame the intelligentsia for govt inaction against maoist (for me they are also terrorist)..it is due to binayak sens and nalini sunadars and many other leftists from JNU, that govt is not able to take action and we are loosing resources.

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