Traversing unknown landscapes of my Love Island Part 2

Read the part 1 here

I could sense my heart telling me to go for it but my mind kept pulling me from it. I haven’t had the company of girl for long time and it was obvious that my hormones were making it tough for me. I felt a strong desire to kiss her.

But the constant nagging of the brain took over and I said to her it was time I should sleep in the next bedroom. I said her goodnight and made my bed in the next room. That room was hot and it was not easy to sleep but anyhow I tried to catch some.

Lying in the bed I was thinking of why did I do it. I should have made a move. But I don’t know what is a move and how to make a move. I have too many apprehensions about these things. I think a lot about what if she takes it wrong way, what if she doesn’t want it, what if I screw it totatlly….

Too many question but I convinced myself that this will help me in long run if I were to be friends with her. Sex at first encounter didn’t appear a great idea to me. It could have spoiled a great summer which I eventually had. But it turned out she wouldn’t have minded me going for it the first day itself. Never mind, things happen and you learn from it.

It was morning and we were up. Still trying to know each other we were both exploring ways to pass time. I was hungry and asked if she had anything to eat. She had nothing Indian. I don’t eat cereals and milk etc in the morning. I thought omelette will be good. She fetched some bread and eggs from the market along with some fruits.

Here I was in the kitchen making omlette with just eggs. There was no oil, no salt… She then took out some butter and asked to use that. It was the worst omelette I ever made and tasted till date. But she liked it, must be pretending not to make me feel bad. You can never fathom girls.

Anyway, I spent another few hours in bed with her talking and listening some music. In the evening I took her leave and left for my room. It was a Saturday well spent. I was at my room after driving 25 kms and was hungry. Most of the next few hours were spent at a friend’s room telling them the story. They were all cursing me for ‘missing the chance’ which I said I didn’t. I was looking at the larger picture and they were just admiring the frame.

It was around 9 when I texted her just to know what she was up to. She said she was at a mall waiting for some friend to pick her up and go for a movie. The friend was nowhere around, nor he was taking her calls. I asked her to wait till the last 5 mins of entry time and if he doesn’t show up she should go alone and watch it.

Here I encountered a general, normal human behavior that says ‘one shouldn’t watch a movie alone’. This was like one should not eat out alone. Both of which I did a lot. She said the whole purpose of enjoying the movie gets defeated if there is no company. I asked her, imagining she won’t, to come to my place and we could watch a movie together.

To my surprise she said she was coming and asked for directions and route to my place. She caught a cab and in an hour or so was standing in front of me. It was turning out to be one of those adventurous weekends which a young guy always desires and yearns for. I walked her to my one-room flat.

It was modest with a bed, a locker, a non-functioning TV (got a big LED now), some books on a rack, a kitchen and bathroom. I was not sure of her reactions as she was from a much better economy than India.

I hesitatingly welcomed in to my room which ended the moment it started.

She was comfortable with it and never complained nor even a hint of it. I was calm at my mind now. I ordered some dinner from nearby so-called-restaurant and we had a quite dinner. Now was the movie time that I promised her for. We were going to watch a movie which I had told was good, ‘The Illusionist’. I thought I had that on my laptop but as fate would have it, it was not. It was 12 at night and only hope I had lived 50 metres away from my room. A friend to whom I could go anytime.

I barged in and asked for his laptop (my speakers were very mild) and the movie. He wished me best of luck. I didn’t wonder. Here I was again, at my room. A girl in hot pants, keeping her hands in mine, watching a great movie. The movie finished.

I had a bed in the room and another mattress on the floor to accommodate any guest. Now, it was sleeping time and I said I should be sleeping on the floor mattress which she protested. I talked some logic and said it would be uncomfortable for both of us if I or she slept with each other.

I got on to her bed and we started talking. She asked me to switch off the lights. I did so and we were in one bed, facing each other.

Suddenly something happened! She said, “Let me see where is your nose and ….”

That is all I remember. She planted a deep kiss and then I took charge. It was a great kiss. We kept on kissing each other with all the passion I had. The hormones got in to action and my whole body was flying.

I was touching (in the sexual context) a female’s body after quite long… perhaps 18 months. Anyway, I and my current lady-friend were were falling rhythmically on the crest & trough of sensual touches and passionate kisses. My hands were touching all over her body and there was not a single strand of hair unexplored by my fingertips.

She was all over me and I was all over her. After quite a good arousal and foreplay we decided to take the plunge.

“I don’t have a condom,” I panicked.

“It’s fine. I am on pills,” she said dragging me in to her.

We made love.


3 thoughts on “Traversing unknown landscapes of my Love Island Part 2

  1. Nice work. Keep going. Only thing that you released the tension too early with these lines:

    ” ….It could have spoiled a great summer which I eventually had.
    But it turned out she wouldn’t have minded me going for it the first day itself…..”

    It was a spoiler because I already gave away what happened at the end. Nice narration however. Liked it.

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