That brown pup

A month ago, two pups – a brown and a white one – were born outside my office in Noida. They were lovely and beautiful. A pleasure to watch.

Whenever I would enter or leave the office I would try to look for them as it made me happy. Adorable cute pups… who won’t love them.

I would see the two pups playing with guard all day long when I would go to balcony to attend a call. He will be biting plants, guard’s hands, jump on the flower pots, look amazingly at the vehicles passing on the road outside…

But, sadly, today while I was talking on phone in the office balcony, a speeding Honda City car killed the brown one. He died on the spot. I felt disturbed. It felt terrible.

Then, form somewhere his mother came and it was hard for her to believe that the pup was gone. She kept on stroking him with her leg, lovingly bite his whole body, flip and turn him from one side to another….

This continued for some 5 minutes until the office guard went outside. She was not ready to believe it as there was no blood. She kept on sniffing his whole body to see if she could get a clue. She will go on the road and look around, sniff the dust… there was no blood… nothing… How did her pup die? The brown pup was lying on the road without any movement.

She kept on squeaking and making sad sounds and looking at every passer-by with a hope, vehemently waving her tail and, perhaps, crying just in hope that someone would help her somehow.

I can’t explain what she felt but that view is there in my heart. The guard ran to see what happened. And the moment she saw the guard who was trying to see if the pup was alive by stroking him, the mother waived its tail and was trying to say something. Everyone could sense what she wanted but it was not in anyone’s hand to help the poor animal.

She didn’t have our language but her restlessness, her sad sounds could tell everyone what the poor mother wanted.

I have never seen an animal so restless. I have seen my cow being still when her calf died. But the mother of the pup filled my heart with sorrow.

That lunatic bastard must have been driving around 40 in a residential street. I was so sad that I could hardly think of anything else.

Few days ago I had posted this pic on Facebook, and now that adorable pup is no more.



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