When a girl is raped…

The story is: a girl takes a bus, there are a bunch of ‘man’, they brutally rape her, unsatisfied, they put a rod inside and throw her out of the bus naked.

Now ‘civilised’ people walk past and doesn’t help, she lies unconscious for an hour and our overworked police van passes by picks her up, admits her in the hospital, the news breaks and nation becomes angry.

Now some become intellectual, some pseudo-intellectual, some questioners, some are deeply grieved, pained and stunned, some sit down and think what’s going on, some light candles, some pronounce death sentences, castrations, some gherao politician’s house, protests… A hell lot of rage!

Media is busy predicting the results of a certain high profile election for whole day, next day the election thing is over, realises its social responsibility and being the fourth pillar, takes the issue, asks questions, editors, anchors suddenly feel the pain as if their sister was the victim, next day is the result day of elections, anchors back to business of discussing democracy.

Girl slips in coma for sixth time, Modi is prime ministerial candidate, the protesting mob fires crackers as the champion of humanity takes a hat-trick term at the office, Facebook is very angry, profile images are turning in black dots, some say ‘comments won’t solve anything, let’s do something’, what to do no one knows, intellectual rage rages on…

CM ‘plans’ to take the critically unstable girl with damaged intestine to UK (God knows when), Congress celebrates its win in a state election, they realise politicians have more serious issues than a ‘mere brutal assault and rape’, for god’s sake we have 1.25 billion others to look at!

The girl will eventually die, politicians will express their deep pains and condolences to the family, RIP XXX will trend on twitter, common man will burn from inside on its inability, police will look for charges, case will go on, rapists will be charged, may be sentenced, may be come out as a nephew of someone! Life goes on…

Next day a similar headline in 72 points: Girl raped and thrown in busy market area


5 thoughts on “When a girl is raped…

  1. Totally agree……this is happening
    U must have heard of the girl around 15 is raped by 3-4 men in a village in Haryana,Soniya Gandhi went to meet her parents after her suside …..don’t know how many still remember

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