Movie review: Dabangg 2 brings a more confident Salman Khan

It’s a no brainer what the story of the film will be. The songs are all at the same places as in Dabangg part 1. Story is same and ends the same way.

A not-so-honest ‘bad ass’ cop tries to free society of corruption and lawlessness and is challenged by the dada of the area. How he hits back and how the criminal retaliates by ‘touching’ his family and how he finally avenges makes the whole story.

The above story is the whole script of the film and not the plot.

Now, what makes it work when it’s all repetition?

Arbaaz Khan as a director has made Salman look effortless as Chulbul Pandey. He comes around as a more confident, more fluid and funnier in dialogue delivery than first part.

This film stands apart with its choreographies. Both the choreographers – action and dance – need special mention.

The dance choreography with innovative ‘nukkad natak’ kind of formations like human horse cart or flower effect with the help of policemen are visually appealing.

The dance moves are all in sync with Chulbul Pandey’s personality. There is a naivety and innocence that Salaman’s character enjoys and it comes out everywhere whether he is doing a dance sequence, romance or teasing his father.

Action choreography is mind boggling. The opening scene gives you a pleasure to watch action sequence and the whole movie takes it forward. It is bold, loud and stunning. In fact action choreography is aesthetically pleasing.

Dialogues have great comic timing. The words and situational jokes make you laugh with Pandey and other characters. The english dialogues from Pandey’s associate are all funny. One sequence where Genda (Bachcha Bhaiya’s brother) goes overboard saying who he is, Chulbul’s associate says: “Ye apni Personality ke hisaab se jyada nahi bol gaya?” He still goes bragging what he can do. Then Genda’s associate say to others: “lagta hai Genda bhaiya bhavnao me bah rahe hain!”

These are hilarious. Dialogues are not drag or boring. They are situational, carry good punches and are delivered with ease, effortlessness and great timing.

Music is cheeky and popular. Lyrics are apt for the genre of the film.

Camera work is good but more credit to the editor to make those shots appear great. The shots come and go nicely and are not abrupt.

The pace of the film is uniform and linear. It doesn’t have jerks or unpredictable elements. You know what is going to happen but you wait for Salman to do it. You know how he will do it but you wait to see him do it and then you laugh your heart out.

All the actors have played their part in appropriate way but extra marks to Salman as he is the only which could play Chulbul Pandey the way he does.

Lot of whistling, dance at the floor of single screen theatres and lot of ‘jiyo’, collective chants are what you should expect. You need to enjoy with a bunch of friends. No dual meaning jokes, no vulgarity, just easy going script and Salman Khan make the film work.

It is a ‘paisa wasool’ film. Just go and get a good dose of laughter and enjoyment.


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