A rape is a rape

The story is: a girl was raped. Another day, another girl was raped. Another day, another girl was raped. As the Sun rose in the east and a girl was raped.

The victim dies after battling for her life. She wanted to survive. Another girl ended her life, as police would ask her to graphically show what happened with her. Another girl is fighting with the attitude of our society where an elected representative questioned her character.

Politicians, who we elect and allow to make laws for us for our better life, keep failing us with their ludicrous remarks and, mostly, silent approach and absence. Even the female politicians have given themselves to patriarchal mindset or may be to their party mindset.

How does it affect or why is it a pain to accept that the girls who went to protest go to discos at night? How does it make it correct if a rape victim is characterless (who are you to decide that?)? What has character or profession to do with being raped? Is the rape of a prostitute any less traumatic then of a doctor or teacher (if at all you see a hierarchy)?

No. The answer is: a rape is a rape. Dressing sense, having a night life neither gives someone a license to assault women not it gives anyone a right to question their credentials as sensitive human beings or judge them.

One politician questioned why media touches the issue when it is hot and doesn’t follow up? How ridiculous is that! Media has the job of bringing the issues to public attention and it is the job of government and agencies to follow up or take proper action.

Media by its very nature is an informative pillar. It need not drag the issues out. If a politician expects media do all the jobs then somewhere he/she trying to cover his/her sorry face.

Any rape is brutal. It doesn’t have degrees of ghastliness. There is no hierarchy of high-profile rape and low profile rape in a democratic or mature society.

At one hand we praise our women folk by saying they are goddess incarnate, “naari tum kewal shraddha ho”, they are our support system, they bring us in to the world, and on the other we kill female foetuses, deprive them of education, look them as inferiors…

Stop fooling around. Don’t glorify when you have no intention of treating them at par with yourselves. Let them just be human beings… human beings with same importance as yours.

It was not one victim that committed suicide. It was not one victim that died with multiple organ failure. It was not one victim who speaks with her face in the dark… We have failed our mothers, sisters, wives and friends.

If a victim has to talk in a dark studio in order to not to reveal her identity talks of her courage as well as insensitivity of a society that had made her do that. She is physically raped when some insane attackers overpower her; she is raped again when she has to narrate it to police officer recounting what happened; she is further raped when the trial takes place…

No one thinks about it. What is the solution? I don’t know the solution. I have voted my representative to work out a solution for me, for our society.

Instead of holding our hands and gently patting our backs with assurance and empathy, our leaders are at most showing sympathy. No one needs your sympathy when you don’t have the courage to kick out the MP who calls women as ‘dented and painted’, when one of you question about the character of the women, when one of you puts a ‘price’ on a female…

You will have to rise above party compulsions and your own definition of ‘politics’. Do away with the colonial laws that were drafted to suit the interest of the rulers. Make laws, enforce them and execute them properly.

Shutting down 10 metro stations is just a way to express your fear and helplessness which shouldn’t be a trait of a politician. We need to hear from you, we need you to come and show us a solution and not reading out condolence statement.

It is not just a victim that died, it is India as a state which collapsed as many of its organs swelled and stopped working.


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