India’s most concerned citizen: Arnab Goswami for PM



…and there is this man who doesn’t even own a good pair of eyes behind his high power specs, who has a tilted spine, the compulsion of carrying a pencil in hand and speaking so much that his lips got burnt due to heat, is so much concerned about anything and everything about this democracy.

When I hear about Arnab (pronounced as Ornab) Goswami or whenever I watch him inside his slightly tilted frame reminding me that earth is tilted by 23.5 degrees on its axis, I feel overwhelmed. My emotions overpower me and my heart asks me how can someone be so concerned about the country. Tears punch the tear gland so hard that they sprinkle out of my eyes.

There is me, and many of us, who are just concerned about the petty things like our office, boss, increment, our two meals, and worse, our families… and there is this man who doesn’t even own a good pair of eyes behind his high power specs, who has a tilted spine, the compulsion of carrying a pencil in hand and speaking so much that his lips got burnt due to heat, is so much concerned about anything and everything about this democracy.

I feel ashamed of myself that I am a waste that I don’t even own a TV to watch the legend speaking everyday. This guy should be the role model for all of us.

Why? Because this is THE man who seems to know everything on earth. He knows about politics, he knows military strategy, foreign policy, films, monsoon, farmer suicides, economy, budget and even about crude oil!

God! This guy is a legend and I am proud to be born in his era. If I ever happen to have children I will tell them what they have missed. I will tell them a story that how Encyclopaedia Britannica went out of print in shame after learning that Arnab Goswami knew much more than them.

He asks questions, he answers them and he decides why he is correct. Unfailingly this guy launches attacks on strongest of men and women and never allows them to speak. His guests dare not speak anything on his shows because it’s him who knows things and decides what should be spoken on a national TV. He doesn’t want these petty IITians, advisors to PM, subject experts to form the opinion of the nation and so he shows us the Path.

He is the Moses of our age. He is one child of god who is omnipotent. He will be a myth and a folklore. He will be a legend. And he will be taught in text books to coming generations.

As rightly noted by someone, “Arnab Goswami is the prosecutor, judge, and executioner” on his show. This guy is extremely talented and is terrific. How many of us can do everyone’s job on a show?

His power and self confidence is so high that the PM of this country is like a waiter to him. He has questions for him almost everyday and his sheer ability and passion when he says, “Mr Prime Minister the country needs an answer,” is something remarkable.

And who is the country? HE is the country, friends. He assumes that aam junta has elected him to question everyone in this country and he is doing a pretty good job of it.

Only if I had the authority and power to influence people I would have recommended him for Bharat Ratna or may be started an award in his honour, higher than Bharat Ratna, named ‘Arnab Ratna’ and awarded him the same every single year till he was alive. Because none of us could be more worthy of that in his lifetime.

He is not a human being. He is super human because of the confidence that he has when he thinks that each one of us, dead or alive, human or animal, plant or insect, innocent or politician, are answerable to him.

He considers that asking questions is his fundamental right and getting answers is also HIS fundamental right. Had I been an MP I would have moved a private bill to extend article 19(1)(a) by adding ’fundamental rights of Arnab Goswami’. I know IAS aspirants would disagree that it will add to their syllabus but remember he is the one who is taking all the pains. He is the one who shows concerns for that dead dog and rats.

Just think of his plight that he speaks so much that his lips have gone dark. They appear burnt and roasted without oil. Why does he speak so much? It’s because of us lesser mortals who have nothing important to care than our jobs and food.

Is it a simple job trying to speak for four hours in a two hour show? No, it sadly isn’t. He is doing some service to society that he belongs to. He cares for this country, for us, for that dog on the street, for that mosquito who didn’t have his quota of blood for the day, for those dumb people who don’t know that in a show the panelist should speak more than the anchor…

And to my dismay, last year army moved two units towards Delhi and didn’t care to notify him! What the hell has gone wrong with this country? Even after knowing the fact that he has special rights and he is the most concerned individual in India, Army did such a thing. I think army chief should have told this in person. This would have saved a lot of trouble. There would have been no coup story in Indian Express.

The talent and knowledge that he has makes him able enough to hold multiple Nobel Prizes at once. He is the guy who is doing so much for world peace. He is the guy who takes pain to tell us that when mother Earth is taking pains to be tilted he has no rights to stand straight and erect. A true son.

It’s high time that we shed our ignorances and stand up to make him the Prime Minister of this country just for one of his numerous qualities of showing so much concern. He will do a great job then, which he does the best, asking questions, answering them and saying that he is right.


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