Stand for yourselves, ladies!

I am sorry, I am not the one who has ever participated in any candle march or protest or anything of that kind to support the recent Delhi gang rape victim’s cause. Actually I am not sorry about it.

It is not that I am insensitive or wasn’t moved to hear the ghastly act. I talked, tweeted, blogged and abused our system thoroughly as any of us did. I am for a tougher law, better implication, amended acts and a safe world for women.

I also support who have been a part of these protests and are demanding justice. I am no one to discourage anyone from taking a stand or standing for someone.

While on a Facebook page, one of the boys commented what I was doing for the girls? He had, supposedly, gone to Jantar Mantar and India Gate. I replied I don’t go to these and didn’t explain why.

The problem lies with the mothers for not taking a stand against patriarchy. The problem is with our fake belief in the Hindi words “नारी तुम केवल श्रद्धा हो” (Oh women, you are just obeisance/adoration/respect). We have been using it to fool the females for generations and they have, eventually, accepted it and feel happy listening to it.

These words are just a garb from the male dominated society to let her breed, care and make his kids in to human beings and satisfy his desires and fancies. It is due to this belief that even the so-called ‘open and liberated’ woman believes in sayings like “husband is god”.

There is no problem in believing it when required but when he is a demon and playing on your subconscious, boasting you when he needs it, doesn’t justify it.

Unless the ladies and girls start to believe they are nowhere inferior to males in anything, the candle marches or protests will not solve any purpose. The mentality needs to be changed that ‘we are women and we should be treated the way we are’.

No. This needs to stop and will stop once the mothers stop saying, differentiating about how sons and daughters need separate treatment and should be raised differently.

They are just child. They don’t have genders until the age of puberty. It is we who make them boy and girl since they are born. We should rather make them realize the fact that they are same in regards to education, friendship, society and family.

That will allow them to be equals till they attain an age where they can use their own brains to figure out what they need to do in a certain situation. The injected feeling of being inferior or different or being a girl overall is what making all the trouble.

That’s the reason why I am not standing up for them. Not for my sister, not for mother, not for any of my friends. It is you who will have to realize that you have your own bone and flesh. It is you who will have to sensitize yourselves and future kids. It is you who will have to fight the males to treat your babies as just babies and not as a baby boy or baby girl.

Every single day many women are brutally raped, molested, murdered or forced in to situations where they don’t want to be. If you want a stronger law, don’t wait for the males to take a stand. The patriarchal mindset will just not help. Delhi has 80,00,000 women and don’t you think just 8 lakh could make the life hell for our politicians, police and bureaucrats and force them to act?

It will certainly do. But they won’t be allowed to come on roads for their own cause by their husbands, brothers and fathers. The best way is to prepare the future. A future where you are free to think for yourselves, stand for yourselves because you will be the mothers and you will know what’ll serve her good in these cases.

So, take a stand for yourselves. Feel your legs, feel the pain that might strike you, feel the torture that a male’s gaze gives you… stand erect and prepare a future breaking the shackles of this narrow patriarchal thinking that all of us have become a part of.


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