Now we have SmartWatch!


When the phone became smart we thought the life got easier. Then TV started to become smart and life was a bit easier. Now it appears that watches, which had lost love of their owners, are set to be back on wrists as SmartWatch.

Smartwatches are watches which does more than just adding a few normal functionalities like time, date, chrono etc. SmartWatch is like a tiny computer on your wrist as an extension of your smartphone.

It is connected to your phone or even cloud to give you updates, notifications, time and weather etc. on your wrist in real time. If you have a call, it will produce a gentle vibration on your wrist. If you want to hang up, just shake your wrist and you are disconnected.

You can see apps, read your mails & messages, listen to your phone music (and on the board music from watch itself which has memory card), use it to monitor your hear rate, accept and reject calls without taking the phone out.

It can also run some inbuilt apps or some selected ones from your smartphones like compass, maps etc.

It will notify you if your phone battery is running low or if your phone is going away from you (a great thing to have in case your phone is being stolen). With Internet tethering and constant GPS connectivity it becomes a great computer on your wrists.

The good thing is that you can wear them and they don’t look ridiculous or toy-like. With innumerable watchfaces your watch looks new every single time. You can customize it to suit your dress and occasion.

SmartWatches are, at this point of time, in their first generation with some adding faster RAMs and some memory to keep them running and useful. Some companies are offering e-paper displays that consume less energy and battery lasts up to seven days on one recharge.

While others, which use LED or LCD displays, have less battery life of at max two days on standby.

It is just initial times and people are asking why do you need a watch to do the work of phones? But the thing is it is innovative, it is interesting and anyway when we carry a watch why not carry a SmartWatch which changes faces, answers your calls and plays music?

At present Sony is selling its smartwatches that are compatible with Android devices. Kickstarter’s project ‘Pebble’ is another one that has generated a fair amount of buzz for its cost, compatibility and innovation.

The third one is i’m Watch– the most versatile of them all. It does many works, has a touchscreen display, 4 GB memory, 128 MB RAM and is compatible with both iOS and Android and has an advanced operating system.

It comes in many variants of simple ‘colour’, ‘tech’ and ‘jewel’ collection and costs Rs 21,000-10,99,000 ($375-20000). Jewel collection is made in titanium, gold and silver.


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